If you bought a Toyota with a Blizzard Pearl or Super White Paint job recently and noticed your paint is literally flaking off, expect a recall notice from Toyota soon.

It’s taken years of complaints and threats of class action lawsuits but it looks like some relief is on the way for Toyota owners with peeling and flaking Blizzard Pearl and Super White paint jobs.

According to a post on Slickdeals I came across earlier this weekend, a Toyota owner posted a recent notice about an upcoming recall hitting Toyota owners soon. Specifically, if you purchased or financed a Toyota with a Blizzard Pearl and Super White paint job, Toyota now publicly admits they’ve f***ed up and will hook you up with a respray soon.

Here’s the link to the thread. Also, I’ve embedded the image from that Toyota owner below.

Here’s the important part of the letter,

“This customer support program provides coverage for involved vehicles with the original factory Blizzard Pearl or Super White paint. The covered condition may occur when sunlight over time degrades the adhesion between the factory- applied paint primer coat layer and the base metal electrodeposition layer causing the paint to peel from the metal body panel. “

Searching online for examples of what this looks like and it’s honestly disheartening to see such a poor paint job. Here’s an example via Performance Auto Repair.

When you pour in thousands of dollars a year paying off and maintaining your car, the least you can expect from a Toyota is for the car to start up every day (given basic maintenance) and for the paint not to fall off while you own it.

Paint and clear coat nowadays is notoriously thin, but this is on another level and it’s about time Toyota fessed up to their mistake.

Some hypothesized that Toyota would only repaint affected panels, but that’s asinine and I fully expect Toyota to hook you up with a brand new paint job with some durable paint this time. I don’t think you’ll have your choice of color, though.

In the letter, it spells out if you’ve already repaired a shoddy paint job out of pocket, there’s a reimbursement program in place that will refund you the amount you spent. Submit proof of a payment made before a certain date.

This isn’t something new either. Googling around reveals that Toyota Canada’s already rolled out a similar program fixing shoddy paint jobs. Supposedly this problem affects Toyota’s made between 2009-2018.

Also, if you have a Blizzard Pearl or Super White paint job, noticed flaking, and don’t get a letter from Toyota, I’d contact them A.S.A.P. Here’s a link with all relative Toyota contact information.


  1. I am one of those victims with the paint flaking off. I contacted Toyota back in 2017 (my Camry is a 2014) and they said they couldn’t do anything for me since I was past the 36 month warranty! I was ready to have my car repainted when I got their letter. I hope they will respray the entire car, however, they will need to sand the entire car first before respraying to prevent other areas of the car from flaking off later!

  2. We have a 2012 Blizzard Pearl Sequoia Platinum that is doing this very thing. We never received a letter. I contact Toyota and told we did not qualify to be part of this program. We have been in touch with the executives at Toyota. They are suppose to contact me a couple days with a definite reply.

    The impression I received was not very positive that they are going to cover the entire cost of repainting my car.

    We own three Toyotas. One of the other Toyotas is another high-end vehicle. If Toyota does not fully step up and cover the entire cost of repainting my car — we’ll never buy Toyota again!!

    It’s embarassing to have paid all that money and driving around in a luxury truck with large patches of paint missing and flaking off like dandruff!!

    • I have a 2012 Blizzard Pearl Scion iQ – and I got a letter. It’s just a pre-fix letter, not a recall letter. If you don’t get anything soon, I’d bet it’s just an oversight. I’m pretty sure your car will be covered : it’s 3xs my car in size and value, mine is discontinued in the U.S. and Scion is a dead brand. Have faith!

    • I have a 2012 Highlander, and I too, did not receive a letter, nor are there any plans at this time to send them to Highlander, Sequoia, and a number of other models. You will not receive a letter any time soon. This is coming directly from Toyota Corporate Customer Service. They said they have no knowledge of any further vehicles being included, so even if they do end up “recalling” them, it won’t be any time soon.

      • My Toyota 2010 Prius is pearl white paint which is rapidly peeling off on big chunks.
        Dealer said too bad. Warranty expired. “ Do you want to buy a new car from us”. Are you kidding? Such a comment. I want to know who to call?

        • How can they say to bad if the recall wasn’t issued until after the warranty expired? Did Toyota wait until after all warranties expired before releasing this recall?

          • I have a 2012 scion XB with peeling paint also. Went to Toyota today and they are covering it, no questions asked. Dropping my car off on Monday

          • Yes we do. I called today, and they said my 2013 Highlander isn’t included. The model should not matter, It’s the paint and application that is the issue. I paid extra for the blizzard pearl as well.

          • We have a 2010 Prius with peeling paint and was told they would do nothing. Other models are covered. It is the same company, the same paint and the same problem. It is disingenuous at best to say the recall does not apply. The daughter is an attorney. I will consult her.

        • I have the same model, same color, and the same issue. The customer support supervisors are saying that it’s too bad for us…the Prius isn’t covered at least for the moment. But the other models with the exact same paint are and problem are? Totally unfair and unprofessional. They won’t tell me what it would take for them to take us seriously. Anybody else have a Prius with the same issue?

        • I have the same issue as of 03-03-21 Toyota will not fix the problem. I guess our cars are gonna rust because we picked the wrong Colour.

    • Hi Cora , did toyota resolved your issues / cover your paint job .
      I was told that they can’t do anything for me .
      Just wondered if contacting the executive helped
      Denise Devillo

  3. iHAVE a 2009 rav 4 but have 130 k miles and have horrible paint peeling about 18 inches and full width in front of sunroof both front fenders and hood 2 side doors. its pearl white got the letter said I will get something in future. waited 4 months still nothing

  4. I have a 2006 Red Toyota Rav 4 And the paint is peeling off the hood and it is fading at top of Toyota Rav 4 , And you can see a blue primer on the hood of Toyota Rav 4 like the company only put one code of paint on the hood. It is not fair to recall the pearl white Toyota Rav vehicles because some of the Toyota Rav 4 has that seem problem the company should fix the paint peeling problem.

  5. I have a 2017 Camry and although the paint is not peeling off, there was a very slight tap on the bumper from a suitcase wheel and the paint chipped off very easily. I’ve never seen paint chip off that easily! I better get it resprayed for free.

  6. I have a 2008 Rav4 in Blizzard Pearl and am experiencing this exact issue! Actually my car looks precisely like the one in this video, just move the giant paint peel to the top of the passenger side door, and it would be mine. Also noticing chipping and beginnings of peeling on other areas of my car, which I know will get worse over time. Literally just came back from getting a quote for a paint job, and the guy told me “I can fix it, but can’t guarantee it will stay that way, because this looks like a bad paint job on the entire car. You’re going to be chasing this forever.” And then I get home, look up bad paint job on Toyota’s online and discover this is not just my car, but a widespread and ongoing issue, which clearly falls beyond the years that they have identified. I’m somewhat relieved that it’s not just my car, but also angry that it may not be fixed. I love, LOVE my car otherwise, and am not prepared to dump it because of cosmetics, but also don’t want to drive around in something that look like it’s not cared for. I’ll be contacting Toyota to find out what they are prepared to do, and to let them know that this affects cars beyond their 2009-2018 scope.

    • We have the same year, model and paint color as you. Last month we did receive the same letter that is in this article, so maybe you’ll get one soon. Just this weekend I was washing the car and a silver dollar sized paint chunk flew off the door. It’s only going to get worse. Ugh. Hopefully they do the right thing.

  7. I have 2012 Sequoia Platinum Blizzard Pearl and it’s chipping above the windshield. No letter from toyota. The link in the article just goes to Toyota’s website. Should I call and ask?

    • Call, because it is going to take a bunch of us calling with Sequoias to make a difference. I was told by Toyota that Sequoia’s weren’t included in the coverage. Despite it being the same time frame and same paint! My 2013 Sequoia Platinum has a ton of paint bubbling up and sloughing off of the room and down beside the windows. 😫

      • Thanks. I’m going to call again. It’s been several months and at the time they gave me a ticket # to track in case the recall added sequoias. Mine is still chipped above the windshield on the drivers side. They better fix this!!

    • we have a 20212 Sequoia Platinum as well and the paint chipped all over the vehicle. Has anyone had any luck getting the Pearl White Sequoia repainted?

  8. My (new) 2009 RAV4 (Blizzard Pearl) had the same paint issue between the sunroof and windshield which started only 3 years after buying the car. At that point in time, Toyota fixed the affected area for me, free of charge, even though I was a few months beyond the 35 months. I had to fight for that, though, going to corporate. My question to them was “what happens if this starts in another spot?” and they told me it wouldn’t. Needless to say, it did and this time it was the entire hood of the car. So I spent $2500 out of pocket to have it fixed because I really did love my car. About 2 months after having that part fixed, it started to peel in ANOTHER spot and I was so bummed. I got my letter in late August/early September saying they would be fixing the problem and would also reimburse for any past out of pocket expenses due to paint. I was extremely happy because I could keep my car and the paint wouldn’t fly off as I drove down the street! Wouldn’t you know, a week later someone hit me head-on and my car was totaled? So, now I’m hoping they still honor the part about reimbursement for past expenses. Oh, and yes – I went with a 2019 RAV4 but in super white this time….

  9. My 2010 Rav 4 just started flaking in small spots with some light bubbling. It was garaged for many years. I went to the brushless car wash and now it looks like the pictures above. I got the letter. Hopefully toyota will fix these issues

  10. I have a 2014 Toyota Yaris Blue Mica Metallic and it’s peeling badly on the roof and starting to peel on the doors. I have contacted Toyota but as as it’s out of warranty they may not fix it…..how can this be, surely paint should last longer than 5 years. Has anyone else had a problem with that colour? I have been told by a smash repairer that it has been a problem.

    • I also own a blue Yaris 2013 and the paint is full of bubbles and getting of. Not sure what to do but definitely it should not be happening.

  11. I just lost a 2ft by 2ft sheet of paint that flew off my 2012 Scion IQ while driving down the highway. Half my car is missing paint. Been complaining to my dealership since 2014. I’m pretty poor and saved all my tip money for six years to buy a “new” car. Two years later, it looked like crap with all the missing paint.
    Couldn’t even wash the car without another piece paint flaking off. A embarrassment to me, and Toyota.

  12. I have a 2012 Sequoia Platinum with the Blizzard Pearl paint. Over the last year it’s been chipping right above the windshield on the driver side.

    I decided to call the number on the paper that was posted here and evidently my car, and all Sequoias for that matter, are not part of the recall. 😡 Anyway the girl took my info and gave me a case # so it’s on record. She said I can call back in a few months to see if there’s been any movement on it. I’m going to hound them to see that this gets fixed eventually!

  13. I’ve a “always garaged” 2007 Camry in Super White with paint thats been chipping and flaking, along with dulling on the hood for quite some time. I’ve long thought it was an issue with the original painting of the car. Even though my car is older this, recall seems to support my belief. I’m going to contact Toyota, although I doubt much will happen. FYI, my first Toyota was bought in 1981 and I had paint issues back then that resulted in a manufacturer repair. Seems that Toyota, while mechanically great, has some way to go with its finishing.

  14. Here’s my concern: We have a 2014 4-Runner Blizzard Pearl. Always garaged out here in the Midwest. Doesn’t it stand to reason that it would eventually fail? Meaning, right now, a few chips on the fender which I understand that it will not be covered…covered only if chipped or peeling on the Metal. Wouldn’t they just go ahead and repaint all, or at the very least give you years of security if it does happen garaged or not?

      • I am in Arizona too and I have been struggling with issue for years and there is no resolution yet. Is anyone doing a class action lawsuit I can get involved in?

  15. My car’s paint started flaking off like crazy and I got it repainted long before I got the letter. I just got a response and they’re saying they can’t reimburse me because it doesn’t meet their criteria, whatever that means. It was blizzard pearl (I repainted it regular white because the pearl was too expensive for me) and it’s a toyota, how does it not meet the criteria? I had to shell out all that money for their mistake, now I’m pissed!

  16. I have a 2011 Avalon with Blizzard Pearl, pealing like crazy with only 70,000 KMs ( 40,000 miles) on it. Toronto,On.Canada

  17. Silver 2018 4Runner Off Road and I’ve got chips all over it and they are starting to rust. We have Jeep Wranglers that we take to the mountains and through the woods with lots of brush and they look better than my brand new 4Runner. I also hit a bird and it scraped the paint off all the way to the primer. I have talked to national customer service and they tell me they cant do anything because it is rock chips. I have more miles on all my other vehicles and drive the same route every day and this 4Runner looks likes its got 100,000 on it! There is also a spot under the clear coat that they tell me is sap! Not so! The paint is too thin and too soft. It is a flaw in the paint. Anyone had any luck with something like this with Toyota? I am not going down without a fight!

  18. I have a 2012 toyota corolla s with the super white paint and its peeling bad I contacted toyota they told me they got the approval to start painting the cars I have to take mine up so they can take pictures and make me a appointment

  19. I have a 2012 toyota corolla s with the super white paint and its peeling bad I contacted toyota they told me they got the approval to start painting the cars I have to take mine up so they can take pictures and make me a appointment I hope they fix it the right way

  20. I have a 2010 Scion XD silver. I bought it about 4 years ago and the paint was perfectly fine. Only a couple of months later the front bumper paint started chipping and bubbling like crazy. Now the front bumper has huge chips of paint missing all over it and it looks terrible. Can someone let me know if there’s anything I can do? The rest of the car is fine it’s just the front bumper which is weird.

  21. I bought a 2010 Scion XD like 5 years ago and the paint was perfectly fine. Only a couple of months later the front bumper paint started chipping and bubbling like crazy. Now the front bumper has huge chips of paint missing all over it and it looks terrible. Can someone let me know if there’s anything I can do? The rest of the car is fine it’s just the front bumper which is weird.

  22. The right rear side of my car literally looks like a wrinkled shirt, in which if you pull at the paint, a whole sheet of the paint will just come off. My car looks like a dalmatian dog. i have a Toyota Rav 4 2011, pearl. It’s a shame the outer shell of the car looks so bad, I’ve had no major issues with the motor, runs great, great gas per miles, awesome vehicle . Just your basic maintenance and the car treats me well back.

  23. My 2012 Camry Super White paint had sections that were impossible to shine from about two months after I bought thr car I don’t believe these areas had clearcoat applied, so much for the improved quality control after the acceleration issue.This was one of the main reasons l went to a different brand in 2019

    • I have 2016 white Rava took it to be looked at they said they them peeling was on plastic and surface.not ,metal . They will not cover it.

  24. I have noticed my paint degrading for years on my 2010 Camry, you can run you fingers on the top and hood and the paint comes off. Also now I am losing about 1qt. of oil every 1000 miles and they say that’s normal. I have always had Toyotas for years, but now I’m not sure I will buy one again.

    • My wife’s 2009 camery had the same problem it is not normal as they also told her, there is a recall on that problem, Toyota rebuilt her engine seems there was a piston and ring defect. Check into it

  25. I have an 11 Rav 4 blizzard pearl. I was told they will in fact only paint the bad areas and not the whole car. They said the recall is open until Dec 2022. They also said if the affected panels have deep scratches they will not touch that panel due to the scratches. My car is 8 yrs old and 2 weeks ago the paint on the fuel door came off while driving.

  26. Update: i went to the dealer. They will only repaint my fuel door. They said the doors and fenders dont qualify since the peeling could have been started from a rock hit or some bs. I will never buy a toyota again. What a joke. Now have a car with paint coming off all 4 doors and both fenders. No way i can sell this for anything!!

  27. I have a 2013 Toyota Prius super white color . I noticed last month that my paint is chipping or flaking by the windows on both drivers and passenger side .I have been disappointed and surprised by this flaking ,since all I have owned are Toyota’s and have never ever had problems with their paint job, not even my 4Runner that’s 20 yrs old .I will contact my local Toyota dealer and see how they will resolve the problem .

  28. Seems like they want to push selling us paint jobs. Took a 2009 Corolla to the dealership and to my surprise, not all panels were covered, although they are all “exterior metal body panels” and received the same faulty paint job at the factory. They want an extra $600 to paint the parts that are “not covered”. A joke.

  29. I have a 2012 RAV 4 Blizzard White for the past 4 years! I got a letter back in August 2019 saying they will be taking care of the paint. But WHEN??? Does anyone have information on this? I will have to call Better Business Bureau. Toyota sends a letter months ago and not a peep on any updated information. Which is baloney! I paid so much for this car and it looks like a piece of c*** with all the paint that is chipping off. I am going to have to do something about this. Does anyone know any information?

      • I have also been waiting! I even called a local (big) Toyota Dealership in Nashville and asked them if they had any information on when and was told I should probably call the number on the letter Toyota sent, i.e., I was given the run around. It’s getting to be ridiculous, as my 2011 RAV4 Blizzard Pearl white car has about 1/3 of the paint left on the roof – I found sheets of it in my yard yesterday due to the wind. I’m ready to join a class action lawsuit. My car is paid for and has 110,000 miles on it and I had planned on driving it for at least another 100K miles – even if I wanted to trade it in it’s value is far less due to the peeling paint and if I don’t do something soon I’m going to have huge rust spots and I have a few rust spots now.

  30. Are they waiting for the affected cars to age, as the owners will replace them? Good strategy to save them money! I am interested in a class action suit!

  31. I have a 2014 Camry and my paint rubs off when it’s wet I do have some areas where it looks like they covered the paint to hide the problem. Ow that I have had the car for 2 years it’s starting to look dull in color n I received a letter. I hope I can get a paint job as well bc I don’t want to pay for something that looks horrible n when wet paint rubs off. Plus

  32. I have a 2011 toyo 4runner Blizzard- paint is peeling off. I received notice in September but nothing else until I called Toyota on Monday January 14th, 2020. I was told they sent a 2nd letter in December and that they have come up with the repair. I was told to make appt. at Toyo dealership for evaluation. The repair has been approved but they are only painting 4 doors, tailgate and hood, not quarter panels etc. I am not sure how this is going to look. Has anyone had this experience yet? They are painting my car next week.

  33. I have a 2012 Rav4 Sport in the super white color. I took it through the car wash on Monday and came out with a huge chunk about the size of my hand missing on my front left fender. I took it to be appraised….over $1500 and my insurance won’t cover anything past my deductible. My insurance adjuster told me if it were him, he wouldn’t put any money into fixing it because the whole car will soon peel. The auto body shop that gave me the $1500 quote called it “a peeler” and said this issue was common in GMC’s back in the late 1980’s when there wasn’t any primer put on the car before painting, so there was nothing for the paint to stick to.
    In fact, when the insurance adjuster was looking at my Rav4 with the auto body quoter, they pointed out about 4-5 other areas on my car where the paint was bubbling. They told me if I hit those areas the wrong way with a hose, that it will turn out like my left front fender.
    I bough this car brand new in 2012, and have been the sole owner. I haven’t received any sort of recall letter at all either.
    Is there any updates on a class action for this issue? Thank you for any help!

  34. Just took my 2014 Camry in for paint peeling recall by Toyota. They said it will take 2-3 days for Toyota to approve of the fix. Then they would take it the body shop that the dealer is working with which will take maybe another 1-2 weeks depending how much paint is peeled off.

  35. I am having major issues with Blizzard Pearl peeling on my RAV4 2011. Could someone take a moment and detail the steps required to get it fixed? I’ve called and would like more additional information-chiefly that I do not have to pay out of pocket! Thanks so much!

  36. Have a 2010 RAV4 and so embarrassed to do be seen in the thing. They made photos and told we would hear about recall so far nothing. Big chunks of paint keep falling off and sometimes all over the yard. Will not be long until the whole car will need paint. Was told they were only doing spots, well more spots are popping up from photos made. Sounds like a spot job is a half fix!

  37. I have a Highlander 2011 and have the same issue with the peeling paint, wrote to Toyota they gave me a case number and that was it, so I decided to call and they said that there is nothing they can do in order to correct this problem since there is no recall under that VIN #, this is very frustrating, considering that every maintenance is done through the dealer, so they have all records for this car.

    • 2013 Camry with super white. No peeling but paint is so oxidized that it looks like cheap flat house paint. Embarrassing!!! Started oxidizing in 2016 after the warranty expired. No letter here. Wouldn’t do any good since it hasn’t peeled off. I did have it polished, buffed and ceramic coat applied. Maybe it will last for a while. Seat warmers stopped working in 2017. Had to replace a wheel bearing at 75k. Severely dissatisfied with this purchase.

  38. 2010 Prius, Blizzard Pearl. I had a small paint peel around my windshield about a year or so ago. I assume a rock hit it on the freeway and knocked the paint off, so I used some Toyota touch-up paint on it. This past weekend, a nice size chunk peeled off on the roof, between the door frame and sun-roof. Realizing this was not normal, I did a Google search and found quite a lot of posts re: the issue and the supposed recall (which I never heard about). I called me local dealer, and they said my VIN was not included in the “warranty enhancement,” and that I should call Toyota. I got the same story from Toyota, “your VIN is not included.” When I asked why it wasn’t included when I have the affected color and issue, the Toyota rep had no answer. She said it should be covered under my comprehensive insurance policy. Does anyone know if there is a class-action going on in the US over this issue?

  39. 2011 RAV4. Received 2 paint recall notices. Took vehicle in September 2019 to dealership, was sent to collision center. Employee did a complete walk around of my car. Entered all info in computer and said he’d call. January 2020, I called Service Dept for update. Service mgr said their collision service was null and void. I was to wash car and return to service dept for additional estimate. On February 7,2020 , I returned. Service mgr did one more estimate. No paperwork given but I was to wait for call from collision center. This is it. I did ask if paint was problem, why not paint entire car, service mgr said Toyota won’t do that?!?!? Toyota is about to get a Class Action complaint filed! This is bordering on ridiculousness! I’m embarrassed to drive my RAV4!

  40. I have a 2007 Toyota Corolla and the paint is peeling and chipping off on the hood and other places. This is ridiculous. It is very much noticeable and Toyota should be responsible and fix it. It states recall for 2009-2019 models will be repainted. They need to Do all. After all this was their doing and I’m going to keep complaining.

  41. I have a 2019 4 Runner Super white. It has 3000 miles on it, I haven’t had it for 3 months and I have cracks everywhere in the paint!!! Just contact Toyota today! Fingers crossed they will do something!

  42. My 2007 Rav 4 Limted with Blizzard Pearl paint started peeling about 7 years ago..starting on the hood. It then started on the roof, and the back door as well as the edges of the door. I’ve never had a vehicle with such a crappy paint job. I special ordered mine from Japan with all the bells and whistles. I ended up letting my daughter drive it since the resale value is so low due to the paint. Even at nearly 13 years old it only has 125K on it. I called Toyota today and they said there was no recall for 2007 Ravs. I doubt they would do anything at this point.

  43. Same thing 2015 Camry unfortunately I have bad news they are only repainting affected panels and it has to I’m guessing it has to exceed a certain size . I’m going to get trunk area done but I pointed out my driver side door is already showing signs of peeling but I have to come back if it gets larger ( which it will ) I feel that they should repaint the whole car this isn’t fair to their clients.

  44. I literally just looked out the window and noticed 2 large areas of peeling paint on the roof of my 2013 blizzard pearl Highlander…guess I’ll be calling Toyota

  45. I have the 2008 RAV4 Limited edition with the same issue. I also received a letter around early Sept 2019 stating that my model & VIN number (included in the letter) qualified for a repair of the (peeling) paint. i waited for another letter to tell me to take it to a dealer, but nothing. Called the local dealer and they looked up my VIN and said there was no recall pertaining to paint on their file. Called the “888…..” number on the letter and got the ….”high volume of calls….” BS and to call back later. Only recourse seems the old fashioned class action suit, since it’s pretty apparent that Toyota plans to do nothing about all the paint problems with these particular cars. I hate Toyota….

  46. Same issue, I have a 2012 rav4 paint has been peeling some time now on back hatch and gas door now near sunroof, car has literally 83k and looks like trash…received a letter sep 2019ish starting it was a paint warranty recall, took it into Toyota to have pictures taken to send to corporate while they worked on a solution….didn’t hear anything back no letters nothing…I called in January 2020 and they said they were working on phase 2 of the solution, I needed to make another appointment to Toyota so the shop guys can take pictures and estimate the damage….Toyota called me today March 11 2020 and said that the Toyota corporate denied my claim that my car didn’t hit criteria….ummm the notice has specific colors, years of cars, and vins, how tf didn’t it make criteria? I sent them a nasty email, we need to get a lawsuit going

  47. I have a 2006 Rav4 V6 with Blizzard pearl paint and the paints been peeling off for years. I have called Toyota twice and they told me there were no recalls to repaint. I bought this car new and ordered it loaded. Love the car but hate the paint. I’m embarrassed to drive it. Maybe I should write on it in big letters “PAINT ME PLEASE”. Or “TOYOTA PAINT STINKS”

  48. I have a 17 White Tacoma TRD and paint is peeling on both rear doors next to the window. Went to Toyota and they said Tacoma’s are not on the recall list for paint and I will have to wait for corporate to approve. Also if approved they will only paint the affected areas not the entire truck. My question to them was, I’m sure the whole trucks paint is going to have issues if it’s peeling in two areas on opposite sides. I also told the manager if u payed $40K for a truck and this happened to u, I’m pretty sure u would want ur entire truck repainted and he didn’t have response.

    • Sergio – did you have any outcome on this? I just noticed my 2016 Tacoma peeling in few spots and Toyota saying they will not fix. Working some other angles but wanted to see if you had any resolution.

  49. I bought a 2010 burgundy Toyota Avalon. The paint has faded spots on trunk and top. My car is maintained very good. It get serviced at the dealership, the dealership is always wanting me to trade it in. My car still looks good. My paint should not be fading on this expensive car that’s well kept. Who do I need to contact about this? Help!!!!! Very disappointed…

  50. It may be time to stop asking Toyota to fix something that shouldnt have happened in the first place. They clearly know this is happening and are thus far unwilling to fix the issue. I believe this letter may just be placating. If they put the issue off long enough they have even more excuse to do less. It may just be time to start a class action lawsuit. I hate frivolous lawsuits but Toyota’s denial, inaction and stonewalling have gone on long enough. We have had Toyotas since 2005. If Toyota refuses to standby the quality of its products and fix errors where they are made, my excluded Sequoia will be my last Toyota. I expected more.

  51. Update: Just got my 2014.5 Toyota Camry back and all four areas where the paint was peeling was fixed. Front and rear quarter panels blend in really well with the rest of the car. It took about 1-3 days for approval and about a week or two to repaint, in the mean time I was given a courtesy vehicle.
    Was really amazed at how well it blended with the existing paint. You cannot even tell it was repainted. If you’ve received Toyota’s letter I highly recommend you take it to the dealer. And if you’ve already paid to get repainted before the letter, Toyota will reimburse you.

  52. Also they will not repaint the whole vehicle, only areas that are affected and will warranty it for an additional 10 years. Also this will only apply to the vehicles listed in the paint recall. You should receive a letter in the mail if your contact information is updated with Toyota.

  53. Had my 2013 Highlander detailed recently bas I do several times each year. The professional detailer when he returned my vehicle told me that I had several areas where the paint was starting to peel and flake. My paint is the most expensive Blizzard White that Toyota uses on their vehicles. I went on line to see if there had been any recalls. There was an article that Toyota had started a recall but only on certain vin#’s and my Highlander did not qualify. If it did they would only repair the areas that were EarlierIs the word easily noticeable. I am very disappointed in their reaction to our problems. If anyone else will start a class action suit against Toyota Im all in. Terrible to treat customers this way.

    • I also have 2013 Blizzard Pearl Highlander, for which the paint suddenly started to peel off roof and next to windshield! Toyota advised Highlander not covered under paint recall, but Rav 4 is? If it is the paint, why should car model matter? I just spent $1,500 on new brakes, car has only $41k mileage. Will rust without paint on roof!

  54. Hello,
    How can I get contact details and how can we know what VIN’s got recall? Will be happy for any contacts. Thanks

  55. My 2008 Highlander with the Blizzard Pearl paint looks exactly like the photos of the 2009 model year vehicles with the same issue…. my paint is literally flaking off exposing the metal underneath. Toyota refuses to fix the issue even though I am the original owner of the Highlander and have used only quality wax and cleaning products and it has never been repainted. I can’t afford to have my vehicle repainted. If there are any other 2008 owners who have somehow had Toyota step up and solve the paint issue, please leave a response so I can resolve this issue. Thanks!

  56. Bought my 2012 Rav4 limited w/pearl white and 82,000 miles great car but did have gas lid partial peeled paint.its a great suv with 103,000 miles,I did get a letter but they haven’t figured out a fix yet and I now have no paint from moon roof to the rear air dam,more gone on fuel door, big spot in front of moonroof, and spot on rgt. Front fender..yard has pieces of flaked paint every windy day.Hope they figure it out soon. Buy the way have 2 other 12 Rav4 s Gold w/93000, Black w/ 23000- no problems what so ever..


    This Super Whit paint is defective. Yet they only painted where it was peeling on the hood on my 2010 Corolla. Do you mean to tell me when they originally painted the car they used different paint for different areas? This is ludicrous! If the paint defective, it is defective on the whole thing.

    Now the paint does not match. Wow! I have a shiny hood and everything else is oxidized. This reflects back even worse on Toyota. It’s like the engine is defective, so they replace half of it and leave the rest clunking.

    The paint is also cracking on the bumper but they won’t paint it.

    Way to go, Toyota. Nice that you stand behind your vehicles! NOT!

  58. I own a 2016 corolla s-plus super white. I noticed last summer the paint peeling off the passenger roof rail by the moonroof. after a couple of months it got bigger and bigger, and soon after that the paint was peeling from both front fenders, and both quarter panels at the top at trunk deck lid. I asked about it when I had my oil changed last fall, and my service writer said TOYOTA was sending out letters regarding the paint issues. soon after that I received a letter. it was notice that my car fell under specific vin# area for the paint defect. I took my car back to the dealership that I purchased it from, and talked to them about my bad paint. I told them my wife wouldn’t drive the car anymore because the paint looked so bad. they checked my car, took some pictures, and called me telling me it was approved through TOYOTA, and they repainted my entire car, they sanded and stripped the entire car down to the metal, used a premium epoxy primer, painted it back super white and sprayed 2 clearcoats on top. except for the front and rear bumper facias. my car only has 29k miles. and now it looks awesome, like a brand new car again. it looks really sharp

    • TOYOTA stepped up and did the right thing. they repainted my entire car, except the bumper covers. they will not paint the plastic bumpers. my 2016 corolla s-plus looks really good now. thanks TOYOTA. you have a loyal lifetime customer here. we have 6 Toyotas, and are considering a suv in the near future. again TOYOTA rocks

  59. I am happy to say that after over 3 years and spots on roof and both sides, Toyota finally stepped up and repaired it. I had 3 months left to pay it off, it started peeling less than 2 years after I bought it. Being a senior on a fixed income, I am so pleased that it was finally repaired. Now I just paid it off 2 weeks after it was finished. God is Good!! Don’t give up people, keep squeezing until you get oiled! Good luck!

  60. i have a 2008 toyota corrolla. I attempted to go through insurance but was told it was an error that toyota would fix. My car is 2008, does that mean I will miss out on the new paint job??

  61. I have a 2016 Toyota Sequoia in Blizzard white and they’re refusing to do anything about the paint that is coming off as if it was a vinyl decal, not an actual paint job. I bought 4 Toyotas in 3 years and will never buy another again. I’m beyond disappointed with them and their lack of handling of a known issue.

  62. I own a 2012 Toyota Sequoia with the same Blizzard Pearl paint, the paint has been peeling off horribly in the last three years. Toyota refuses to acknowledge that Sequoias are also victims of this poor paintwork. I just got off the phone with TCS and they just basically said “they didn’t care”, the vehicle is out of warranty, sorry if you thought that investing over 50k in Toyota was a smart decision, think best the next time you buy a car. what a shame! it used to be a good car manufacturer. I feel sorry for those that work there every day answering their phones and having to lie to us all, the paintwork from Toyota is inferior quality! Buyers beware, put your money elsewhere!

  63. I have a 2012 Toyota Sequoia and they are refusing to repair the paint, I have the same blizzard pearl white paint, peeling off like if it a sticker, it is disgusting and shameful from this manufacturer. Buyers beware, stay away from this car maker!

  64. My 2011 Rav 4, White, has large sections of paint peeling from the windshield to the sunroof at this time. Over more time, I am sure more areas will start peeling also. I have had the Rav 4 for 7 months.

  65. I have a 2007 Rav4. Paint has been peeling off for a number of years. When I found out they were going to fix the problem, I contacted Toyota and was told they were only going back to 2008 year. I tried to reason with them that my 2007 should be included as it exhibits the exact same paint issue. I also tried to get them top explain the criteria they used to determine that a 2007 Super White, which was obviously painted with the same paint (paint code identical) that a 2008 was, would not be eligible for the repair. I got no such explanation, but was told that was all they could tell me. We all need to partition again for a Class Action against Toyota for this issue. Toyota advertising recently how they are “Here” for their customers. BS!!!

  66. I have 2012 that is peeling too! I mentioned here awhile back that I called them and at the time the sequoias were not in the recall. This is crazy and wrong! There are too many of us that are having this issue to let us just deal with this bad factory paint job. I agree Gus. The car costs too much $$ for them to just ignore this issue. What can we do???

  67. I have a 2014 toyota corolla blue metallic blue and is peeling off like nothing. Is not just the white ones but all the different colors too, bad service toyota

  68. Thank goodness they fessed up. My 2010 Prius is missing paint on 5 panels now. I’m talking square footage! My car looks like it’s from the ghetto!

  69. Just got off the Phone with Them about my 2014 Tacoma pearl white with paint flaking off. Was told it was out of 3 year warranty and nothing they could do about it at this time . I will not buy another Toyota!!

  70. I have a 2012 Toyota RAV4 and brokered a deal for the Blizzard Pearl paint job. I want to sell my car next year and feel I will get dinged on the chipped paint job. Toyota needs to step up and do better!

  71. I just sent a letter to Toyota via email and have mentioned a Class Action Law Suit. I am NOT a suing type person at all, but it has been almost 6 months since I brought my car into a local Toyota dealership for a the painting recall appt. They had an adjuster come and give a quote on painting and that was the last they did on their part. I have had to call every 3-4 weeks for an update. I am told each time, there is no update but that a regional manager is now involved. Meanwhile the paint has continued to peel and is much worse. At this point, an entire vehicle paint job is all I will accept because I won’t go through this again. I am so disappointed in Toyota and feel strongly that if others are going through this same nonsense, a Class Action law suit may be what is needed to get them to realize they have to address our concerns.

  72. Sent this letter to Toyota today via email –

    I have been dealing with our local Toyota dealership (Bob Smith Toyota, La Crescenta, Ca) for now over 5 months in regards to my paint job recall notice on my Rav4 Limited UTL 4DR. I took the car in for the initial estimate on a new paint job in March 2020 as per the recall instructions. It has been 5, FIVE months and still no authorization on the paint job. Since that time, the paint is peeling more on the roof of the car, the back right passenger door, and the hood. It now requires just about the entire car painted. I drove into the dealership to update them on the new paint demise last week. I am at a loss as to what to do at this point. I am thinking of beginning a Class Action Law suit against Toyota due to neglect of a recall. I have spoken to a lawyer and was told to write this email and advise you of the entire situation. I know I am not alone in this recall neglect on Toyota’s part. I am not a suing type person, but think that may be my only recourse for lack of authorization to get this done. At this point I need the whole car repainted because I will not go through this again when I see more paint peeling. I was so proud when I paid off my car and now it just looks terrible! I will not ever by Toyota again (my husband owns a Toyota truck) if this is not addressed. I think waiting now almost a half a year is much too long. Please advise as to my next step to get this resolved.

  73. My 2017 Toyota Tacoma super white has chipping paint on the rear passenger side door. It is right next to the rubber window trim. I see only that this is a common problem. It is obviously a problem with the paint. I was told by the Toyota rep at the local Toyota dealership that this is no under any current recall and that there is nothing they can do for me. I was given the Toyota Customer Service number to call about my issue. So it sounds like I’ll be paying for this out of my own pocket….

  74. How can Toyota not include the Highlander with the Pear Blizzard Paint. My 2011 is flaking off and looks terrible! The problem is not with the car model but the pain. All toyota vehicles with the pear blizzard paint should be part of the recall. This is upsetting.

  75. I have a 2010 Toyota Prius. I read your article from September 29, 2019 regarding Toyota’s recall for 2009-2018 blizzard pearl or super white paint flaking. I was also informed by a service technician at a Florida dealership of this issue when he saw my car, however, they could not find a recall with my VIN#. I recently moved to Naples Florida and called the local dealership to address this issue and was told again that there was nothing regarding a recall for my VIN#.

    In your article you suggested contacting Toyota so I emailed corporate and attached pictures of the peeling paint, which is a very large portion of my rear passenger quarter panel and some additional peeling on various other parts of my car. I received an email back stating I would need to call them to give more information. I called on 9/30/2020 and spoke with a representative named Ashley who told me that she could not help, that my case would need to be escalated to a senior representative who would call me on 10/1.

    When I received the call I was absolutely taken aback! The representative acknowledged that the pictures clearly showed the paint problem, however, because my VIN# was not included in the recall that he could not help me at all. He was not interested in helping even though he acknowledged the paint peeling/flaking.

    I told him how I felt about what he was telling me and that I would take to social media if necessary and he was not at all worried about that, I hung up on him, very frustrated. I thought Toyota had a better reputation.

    I don’t have a blog or any type of following on social media and was hoping that you may give me some direction as to how to catch the attention of Toyota regarding this issue. I am so disappointed and feel that they should address this issue without making me feel as if I am asking for a handout.

  76. Just know that Toyota will patch the peeling paint only once. They will not repaint the whole car and if it peels again in the future, you are on your own. How do I know? I just got off the phone with Customer Support.

  77. My wife has a 2013 Highlander, Blizzard Pearl White. I found 2 softball size patches peeling on her roof about a month ago. I called the Toyota 800 # and was told to send photos in via their website email. I did so and received an email telling me to call the number I had already called. After 20 minutes, I get a woman that finds my “case” and tells me there is nothing they can do as the car is no longer under warranty. So, a KNOWN PROBLEM and they say there is nothing they can do? I drive an 06 Tundra and the paint on it is still pristine. HOW can the paint look so good on a 15 year old truck but be peeling off on a 7 year old Highlander? My family has been driving Toyotas for 30+ years but this is it. We are done. NO MORE TOYOTAS in my driveway.

    Yes, I know, I am ranting but, I am beyond pissed off and so very disappointed. It has been a wonderful vehicle and my wife loves it but, now all she can think about is the paint peeling. She wanted to buy a new one late next year but we’ll get divorced before I ever buy another one. I can’t believe Toyota is doing this. I wonder if a class-action lawsuit would get any action?

    • I feel your anger. I just called today again because my 2014 Tacoma has flaking paint around windows and fender. They kept on transferring me to different senior representatives, but none were able to give me a solution. I was told my truck was out of warranty and that there were no recalls for it. I told them that I was going to get in contact with a lawyer and hung up. I also have a 2013 Highlander and the paint is in great shape. Never again buying a Toyota vehicle.

    • I also own 2013 Highlander Blizzard Pearl, my paint around my windshield & roof randomly started peeling off…
      Was advised Highlander is not on recall list? Rav 4 is!
      Car model shouldn’t matter, it’s the same paint!
      I only have $41k mileage. $1,500 new brakes with paint peeling off roof!!

  78. Hi, I am sorry to see that so many different Toyota locations are not working with people who have affected vehicles outside of the recall list. I have a 2012 Toyota Highlander with blizzard pearl paint. A few weeks ago I noticed the top near the sunroom had peeled off. I was so upset as I haven’t even owned the vehicle a full year and it was not like that when I purchased it. I feel extremely lucky and happy that my local Toyota quickly got the ok from upper management to repaint the entire vehicle even though it isn’t technically on the recall list. I just dropped it off on Friday. They did tell me it would take 3-4 weeks since they are working on a number of them and said they have to take the doors off and be very precise with it. They didn’t say it would be another color so I am assuming it will be the blizzard pearl, fingers crossed!

  79. Question: So I took my 2013 toyota camry in because my paint is very dull and I saw the paint was recalled. I wax it and wash it and it just does not shine. they said because I didn’t have extreme peeling that I should wait… but wouldn’t you want to fix the issue before it arises?? Why not just repaint all the cars since the paint was recalled?? My understanding is that when something is recalled it should be fixed or replaced?
    Yet you want to only paint where it needs it? meanwhile the rest of the car is going to look dull and old. I am irritated, I bought this car because of the shine and color, after it was just painted. well that didn’t last long and now I feel like I wasted my money. My fault for allowing my dad to convince me to purchase a toyota.

  80. I have this problem on a 2010 Prius with Blizzard Pearl. Prius’ are no included in the extended warranty fix – likely due to the sheer volume Toyota would have to repair. I called Toyota – and their response from USA HQ was that “we have not received enough complaints yet to include the Prius”. So – if you have a Prius with this problem – make your voice heard!

  81. I have a 2010 Prius that used to be Blizzard White but in the last week, there is more Blizzard White on the ground than on the car. I am the original owner and had to pay a premium for the Blizzard White when I purchased the car. It started on the front passenger fender and has progressed to the hood area. Each rain more large flakes wash off. It is very sad that Toyota thinks that Prius owners that have Blizzard White are not worthy.

    I also have a white Lexus Rx-350. I hope it is not contagious.

    Are Toyota and Lexus the same company? Oh, yea, that is right.
    Oh well, kick the Prius and love the Lexus crowd.
    In my family, they are the same.
    We started with the Prius in 2010 and have moved up to the Lexus in 2020.
    I suppose Toyota does not think of it that way.
    I do. My next one will be a Tesla, NOT TOYOTA or LEXUS!

  82. More and more people reporting this problem and being told “screw you” by Toyota. What a great company. Meanwhile, the paint on my wife’s 2013 Highlander continues to flake of and look worse. Toyota must be so proud.

  83. More and more people reporting this issue and basically being told “screw you” by Toyota. Meanwhile, the paint on our 2013 Highlander just continue to come off in flakes. Way to go Toyota, you must be so proud.

  84. I also own 2013 Highlander Blizzard Pearl, my paint around my windshield & roof randomly started peeling off…
    Was advised Highlander is not on recall list? Rav 4 is!
    Car model shouldn’t matter, it’s the same paint!
    I only have $41k mileage. $1,500 new brakes with paint peeling off roof!!


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