This SoCal driver, caught up in traffic because of a late-night sideshow, dared to drive through a sideshow intersection. The mob took out their anger on her car.

Some poor lady in her newer model Honda Accord will spend thousands on a new rear window and getting out dents on her car thanks to a sideshow mob who kicked, body slammed, and punched her sedan, angering them as she drove through sideshow intersection.

Youtuber King Fresh dropped a video earlier this week showing the ugly interaction.

Although local police have teamed up and made it a priority to rid SoCal of this dangerous and asinine trend, sideshows pop up on even chilly nights thanks to social media, @KiingFresh being a prime example.

In the video we can see a sideshow well into the tail-end of its run, a police helicopter hovers overhead and police are already en route to the area.

Dozens of cars can’t make their way through the intersection, this lady’s Honda Accord one of them. When she decided that it’d be smart to anger the sideshow mob with her honking, it was a recipe for disaster.

As she inched her way forward, she really thought they’d let her through. The crowd could sense that she wasn’t loco enough to damage her new-ish sedan, so they surrounded her, taunting her.

As with all mobs, they’re as smart as its dumbest member. One dude decides enough is enough, slams his hands on her trunk, climbs on top of her rear deck lid, and jumps off. Shortly after, someone either throws something on her rear window or throws a rock at it because it shatters into a million pieces.

Seeing that driving forward will only cause them to damage her car she stops, gets out, and confronts the mob face-to-face.

Of course, none of them are dumb enough to throw hands with a girl.

Thankfully, police arrived shortly after and, as the video shows, they just went someplace else.

I can understand the appeal of sideshows, but when it turns violent, that’s a whole story altogether.

I’m not advocating you take up an intersection on a weekday but if you do that, just rip some donuts and don’t encourage people to damage property by being complacent, filming, and actively blocking victims.


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