This Cardiff California trucker’s intro on “Wheel of Fortune” might be the greatest intro, according to Twitter, of all time.

Apparently it took 37 seasons and 27 episodes to find a Wheel of Fortune contestant with such a succinct and, dare I say, “down to earth” intro that it’s got Twitter afire. His name is Blair Davis, he’s a trucker with his own business, and supposedly he loathes his wife.

Check out the gem of an intro from Wheel of Fortune’s broadcast earlier today clipped for your convenience.

Since @TheGunzShow posted up this video clip, it’s been viewed well over 100 thousand times, RT’d close to 1000 times and liked over 2,400 times. Davis’s intro has struck a chord.

I wrote verbatim what he said below apropos to his family,

“…I’ve been trapped in a loveless marriage for the last twelve years to an old battleaxe named Kim. She cursed my life with three step-children named Star, RJ, and Ryan and I have one rotten grandson.”

True to his claim, according to Davis’s Linkedin, he owns his own company, Davis Logistics Inc., based out of San Diego, Calif.

Anyone with an ounce of humor can read and recognize this elementary mad lib-esque level of humor.

But leave it up to Twitter to rip Mr. Davis apart.

Could you read between the lines and tell that he was joking? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. I knew this guy for years when I was a teenager. Haven’t seen him in over 20 years but he hasn’t changed at all. He’s always been super funny and a great guy. Hilarious!


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