If you ever find yourself in Danville, KY, set your GPS to Dillehay St. and you might come across this awesome pinstriped street.

You’ve probably heard of pinstriping on classic muscle cars and lowriders, but on a regular ol’ street? Well, it’s a real thing in Danville, Kentucky thanks to one sign artist who adds his signature touch to a local hot rod show held every year towards the second half of October.

Check out his most recent post showcasing his road art below.

A couple of days before the annual hot rod show, Kirby Stafford of Kirby Signs in Danville KY, uses a spray paint applicator used for road markings, maps out, and artfully sprays a gigantic pinstripe down historic Dillehay Street, the street where Kirby’s Signs calls home.

Here are a couple of Instagram posts from the day of the hot rod event showcasing what it looks like in the middle of the day.

Someone also recorded a small walk of the length of the pinstriping.

Pinstriping is truly a staple of the American automotive scene. Even before cars were even a thing, horse-drawn carriages were decorated with ornate pinstriping to accentuate the lines of carriages built by custom coachworks.

Pinstriping saw a resurgence in the hot rod era thanks to hot rodders adopting pinstriping as a form of expression on their custom rides.

Pinstripers pass on this art form to whoever will learn and carry on this arguably American art medium.

Going back through the years on Instagram, this isn’t the first time Kirby Stafford’s laid some of his road art down, Stafford’s been pinstriping Dillehay since at least 2013.

This is a cool tradition that I hope to see done every year, as long as there’s a Dillehay Street and a hot rod show.

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