A SoCal teen made the hare-brained decision to, according to an eyewitness, flee an alleged hit-and-run and when blocked in, ran again.

Update: 1/8/2021According to Riverside’s Publicly accessible court records, the latest update on Sebach’s case happened on Dec 30, 2020. The action text reads, “CORRESPONDENCE FROM SHEER RECOVERY LLC RESUBSTANCE ABUSE PROGRAM RECEIVED.” This sounds a lot like Sebach went through said Substance Abuse Program issued during her arraignment.

Update: 10/3/2020 – Redditor Starved-Nutritionist alleges, in a repost on recent Reddit thread,he saw Sebach crash in front of him in 2017. Dashcam footage linked here.

In addition, a search on Riverside’s Publicly accessible court records shows Sebach was formerly charged with a violation of the California Vehicle Code 20002 (a), filed on on Apr 2,2020

Update: Jan 1, 2020- Riverside police confirmed to me details regarding this incident, “The suspect was identified as 22-year-old Riley Ann Sebach. She was contacted, cited, and released on October 31, 2019, with a court date of 12/18/19.”

Update: Oct 28, 2019- A resident near the area spotted the infamous Hyundai towed away on a flatbed trailer, probably to a repair shop.

Update: Oct. 27,2019- The Flyer posted up a submitted photo of the on-site vacuum damaged driving away. According to J.E. Adams and Kleen Rite, these units cost around $1,300 and go up from there.

Lake Elsinore’s Mayor says no hit-and-run suspect has come forward at this time and no formal charges filed. Riverside police know who the suspect in the video is and are working on this case.

View post on imgur.com

View post on imgur.com

Update Oct 25, 2019 : One local noticed a car matching the car in the viral video parked outside lives.That photo’s been making the rounds. Another Temecula resident claims to have seen someone who looked like the alleged hit-and-run suspect outside an AM/PM near Railroad Canyon. Comments source here.

No word if police will charge the suspect with a misdemeanor punishable by up to $1,000 and maximum six months’ jail time but we’ve learned they are attempting to find the hit-and-run victims

You wouldn’t think it was possible to make so many poor decisions in 90 seconds, but this Lake Elsinore teen in her clapped out Hyundai Sonata somehow does. Video showing the confrontation between a Dodge Journey driver, now identified as Justin Thompson, and an alleged hit-and-run suspect’s successful attempt at fleeing is going viral.

Check out the wild video thanks to Laura Harper’s submission to Canyon Hills of Lake Elsinore below.

Also, NBC Los Angeles caught up with the driver of that Dodge Journey with their video embedded after the Facebook video.


In the video above, we’re presented with an alleged case of hit and run. When Thompson starts filming, emotions are already at their peak.

According to Thompson, he witnessed this Hyundai Sonata hit a handful of cars and tried to help the hit-and-run victims by following the alleged suspect to the Chevron station, keeping her there until authorities arrived.

This teen, in a “fight-orflight” panic, bargains with Justin to let her go, pleading how he doesn’t understand and mentions how “you don’t understand how mean my Grandma is!”

After stuffing the front end of her Hyundai Sonata in the back seats, she hops the curb in reverse, almost hits Justin filming, and drives off.

The last thing she wants on her record is two points, a giant fine and a suspended license. If convicted, hit and runs with property damage and no injuries are misdemeanors in California, so there’s also a possibility for jail time.

According to Thompson in NBC’s coverage,

“She does a hit and run, who knows if those people were hurt, she takes off trying to do 90 MPH, there’s kids, there’s other people, and it’s just like it’s not…she needs to be held accountable for that.

It’s cliche to say, but driving is a privilege, not a right and comes with serious responsibility.

Most people take driving seriously after their first traffic violation. After a huge fine and increased insurance rates, it’s worth paying attention behind the road.

Others, like this girl, never seem to learn.

If you get into an accident and you’re at fault, don’t just drive away. It might seem like a good idea to run off, but you’re just making it worse for yourself.

Also, if you witness a hit and run, think twice before attempting a citizen’s arrest. Instead, take any pertinent information down and report it to local police as soon as possible. As this case shows, not only did Thompson fail to block her in, he escalated an already emotional situation.

And if you made it this far and are wondering, those wheels she’s rocking on her Sonata are JNC034’s A.K.A. garbage tier wheels made in China. Oh, poor decisions were made alright.

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      • Says the 💩 🍑 writer of garbage. Stop with the directives. Write your 💩 submit it to the only site willing to have you, that you don’t own and shut your face, or find a safe space, cocoa or whatever it is your *****wastes do.

          • When I first blogged about this young adult, within a day of the incident, no one knew who she was. Everyone assumed she was a teenager, including me, until someone posted her alleged rap sheet which included her D.O.B.

        • “Cocoa”? Please go away, you r****t P**.

          And all the people complaining about the person taking the video are less than a tenth the man that this person is. Sure, they’ll post things on the internet. Just don’t ask them to ever do anything in real life.

      • Why do you keep giving your opinion in the article? Nobody asked for it.

        Give us the straight facts. And saying the person recording “failed and escalated the situation” ?? How???? All he did was record, staying out of the way. He did not approach her or attempt any physical intervention at all. What did you expect him to do?

        You are a trash writer and journalist but I suspect you’ve already been told that many times.

        • why? because it’s a blog, more importantly, my blog, not the NY Times exactly. report me to the associated press lol

          • Paulo, your writing is bad and you’re too sensitive to tale criticism. Don’t post on the internet publicly if you don’t want opinions on your work. A 22 year old is not a teen. Looking up possible punishments doesnt justify writing “she doesnt want two points on her record” 3 seperate times. This is not written as a blog piece, the voice you are trying to emmulate is clearly that of actual journalism. You can’t have it both ways, you’re either a terrible journalist or one pf the least self aware people I’ve ever seen.

        • Bro, are you serious clayne…I mean who asked you to read this mans blog and who asked you for you opinion haha. Who that f*** are you anyway idio*….

          • IKR??? They all sound like a bunch of player haters!! Seriously why be so annoyed by someone’s opinion? DONT LIKE IT? KEEP MOVING YOU WHINEY LITTLE BI**HES!

        • Because its true. Dude should have took a pic of her and her license plate, called the cops and left. Trying to use your car to pin someone in is not only illegal but it would 100% make the situation worse. It has nothing to do with being a hero or “brave” . Its common sense that someone who is already volatile and has already shown to be willing to do hit and runs, did he honestly think that she was just going to sit and wait? If he didn’t use his car to block her, maybe everything else after that point never would have happened

      • Hey Paulo Acoba, you look like the the type of guy that would s*** his d*** d*** for c**** while your m** p*** your a**. No offense though.

      • F*** that i would have done the same to this b****, in fact when she hopped put to get her bumper i would have jumped in her car and taken the keys out of that s***.

        • Then u would have most definitely gotten a felony charge of criminal confinement or at least theft. Stealing her keys prohibiting her from leaving is also a crime. Not saying this druggie bitch doesn’t deserve it but if u did that, it’d b another video of an idiot going viral. Would’ve made the video more interesting 🧐 tho !!!

          • Nicole:
            You DO know that hit and run is a Felony right?
            Do you also know that in ALL 50 states a Citizens Arrest can be made if you WITNESS a felony (as in you can go so far as to sit on them or hold them at gunpoint if necessary)?

            Of COURSE you didn’t, you haven’t taken 5 steps out of mommy’s basement since you were 30.

          • Haha druggie??? wtf you on about.

            She’s clearly just a spoiled emotional child. No drugs involved at all. Have you ever even seen what a drug user looks like ?

            Let me tell you secret: it sure as s*** doesn’t look like her. You id***.

    • I agree! She is definitely wrong, but he’s a idiot! She looks highly stressed and unstable with a head full of air. He’s talking about bad choices! He needs to get out of that crazy girls way! She is letting everyone know she has like a life or death situation “you guys just don’t understand”! 😂 I’m sure he got her plate on video when he pulled up behind her. He could have gave that to the police when they arrived. He almost got run over and he got his car hit. I wonder if he got that covered by her insurance??!

      • get out of her way so she can cause more havoc in public? she needed to be stopped right there. it could’ve been you or one of your loved ones in harm’s way.

    • she had hit some other cars. she was a danger on the streets in her mental state. it was a serious situation, so the guy with the camera was in his right.

      • In his right? w** does that mean? He totally escalated the situation. Seriously THE LAST THING YOU DO IS TRY AND CORNER A PERSON WHO IS UNSTABLE

    • oh that ” poor scared little girl ” “your honor the defendant was emotionally distressed after getting caught and called out for an actual wrong doing” ” oh she was upset? that changes everything all charges will be dropped and the plaintiff has to pay for repairs while we’re at it ” …f*** outta here

  1. Here from Reddit, where the general consensus is that this article was written by a 5-year-old, contains zero actual information but a lot of speculation, and is more g****** than a clapped-out Hyundai.

  2. Writing is not this guys forte’… stay in your lane Paulo, KFC counter help suits you best.

    Doubt it’s a teen, more like a tweaker on a rampage. The dodge guy – yeah, d-bag sounding, but also right for trying to keep her from continuing the rampage and maybe killing someone – those that agree, you are part of the problem.

  3. She’s 22 years old (as of last August, 2019) and people have been posting her name and her criminal record (petty theft, drug possession, etc.) on Facebook.

  4. I like how at the end you say JNC wheels are s***, they’re not Chinese made wheels, JNC is an American brand and their wheels are manufactured in the US, and overall this article is f***ing trash

  5. Since when is being 22 years old make someone a teenager??? She’s not a teen. Purposely portraying her as a teen was to make her seem more unstable and to make her seem more of a social menace? She’s not a teen. She’s a 22 year old grown woman.

  6. Um does anyone else think it’s a little strange that no proof of this hit and run has surfaced? Why are we taking his word for it? I don’t believe it happened! He says there was an accident with bodily injury! He says she hit another vehicle and ppl were hurt! Where the f*** are they? No police report has been filed by these supposed victims. The police and the mayor have made public pleas for the supposed victims to come forward. They haven’t. There at least 20 visible closed circuit cameras atop traffic lights in the area of this alleged hit and run. I have to believe the police have checked out all the footage looking for proof of this accident. She hasn’t been arrested. Not hard to figure out what really happened. This whack job chased down a young woman with an intent to harm her. He whipped out his camera and tried to cover his a** with a bs story about a hit and run when he realized she was going to get away. The police should search his house. Make sure he doesn’t have women tied up in the closet.

    • Wow, you must have watched a lot of TV detective shows to come up with this. You are sure the guy filming chased down the girl. At what point did she try and run or say anything other than get out of her way, just so she could drive away. Where do you think the bumper came off? If a guy is chasing a woman to do her harm, why is he filming, including getting a video of his own vehicle? Did it say anything in the admittedly hard-to-read article that said the hit and run happened there? If you look at her history you might get the idea that gram works in the county jail.

    • She actually says in the video “it’s already a hit and run. I ran, ok”…she admits to the hit and run that happened before this exchange. She also says she thought he was the guy she hit, so she pulled over…. It was the OTHER hit and run that prompted this fast lane crusader to follow her (going 90 mph) and corner her in this gas station.

  7. Lol she using some of that old w***e privilege to get out of this one . Got everyone feeling bad for her and a gofund page? Being called a teen when’s she’s over 20 lol . Arrest that criminal and charge her.

  8. Paul, you are legitimately a moron. Switch your hobby I sincerely think your poor writing skills is worse than that woman’s hit and run case. And that face lol oh God fix your teeth…

    • Alleged hit and run and no way I’m fixing my teeth. People who fix their teeth and then look like some Hollywood cyborg look unnatural imo. Natural yellow teeth are also literally stronger than fixed whitened teeth fyi.

      Also, not stopping writing any time soon, in fact I’m going to write EVEN more mwahaha. My writing might not be the strongest but I post stories and break stories no one else is and that’s where my strength lies.

  9. Still no victims, eh. We are a week into a nationally covered “news” story and we still don’t have a victim in this alleged hit and run. Thus, we have retained legal counsel. This was not a citizen arrest. This was not a legal detainment. This was the taking of a hostage! I advise every women to fight like hell if taken hostage by a lunatic. Don’t worry about damaging a vacuum. Just GET AWAY. DO EXACTLY AS SHE DID. GET AWAY AND CALL THE POLICE. MAKE YOUR ESCAPE BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY! YOU WON’T BE IN TROUBLE. NO REASONABLE MAN WOULD TAKE A HOSTAGE OVER AN ALLEGED FENDER BENDER! SO DO NOT SUBMIT, EVEN IF YOU ARE GUILTY! IF YOU KNOW YOURSELF TO BE INNOCENT, AS THIS YOUNG WOMAN KNOWS HERSELF INNOCENT, YOU MUST ASSUME MALICIOUS INTENT BY THE HOSTAGE TAKER. YOU MUST GET AWAY IF YOU CAN. DON’T WORRY ABOUT PROPERTY DAMAGE. FOR GOD SAKE, LEAVE THE BUMPER BEHIND. JUST GET AWAY BEFORE HE CAN HURT YOU! And if the yahoo who tries to detain you publishes a video of your escape (in a smear campaign to save himself from criminal charges) retain a good attorney and march straight to civil court! Sue the s*** out of him and every libelous media outlet who participates in the travesty of justice. Make a fuss until the a**hole is charged and arrested with the numerous felonies he commits on camera!!! … You can bet that is what we are doing!

  10. Still no victims in this alleged hit and run! Seriously, get an attorney, you a*** hole. We have retained counsel. You are at the top of our list for civil court. She didn’t hit anyone! Your update is bull s***! Our lives are ruined over this piece of highly edited video garbage. Justin Thompson won’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of when I’m finished with him! And neither will the author of this garbage article. Lying sacs of s***. Find a f’n victim in the alleged hit and run or take down this garbage!!!!

  11. “The Flyer posted up a submitted photo of the on-site vacuum damaged driving away. According to J.E. Adams and Kleen Rite, these units cost start around $1,300 and go up from there.”

    Honestly read this about 4 times before I decided I wasn’t having a stroke. What the actual f*** dude?

  12. Cheap wheels or not, that’s an NF sonata with the 3.3L V6. Depending on the year, that bad boy could be putting 270 horsepower to the pavement. Her biggest mistake was not flooring it before anyone could make out her license plate. Those things’ll fly.

    • Thanks, Gabriel.

      Literally just edited a handful of grammatical errors and tweaked a few sentences so it flows better yesterday, so the critics in the comments were probably upset about that version.

      Also, there’s the whole “why’d you call her a teen when she’s 22” thing which, I don’t want to change atm since this post ranks well on Google.

      Anyways, thanks for one of the nicer comments!

  13. I like how the article says “iF yoU HIt SomEONe, pLEaSe donT LEAVe YoUR only GonNa Me THinGs WOrse” and LITCHERALLY the girl got away and nothing bad happened.

  14. To all those calling her a “poor little girl”, she was 22 years old, you muppets. The problem with society is that we treat full grown women like infants who can do no wrong. Have some accountability. Our entire country is in the s***ter because of you pathological altruists who have to feel sorry for whoever looks the most distraught at the time, even if they are the ones causing all the problems, or in this case committing felonies. The full-grown woman backed out right into the guy filming the crime, and if he didn’t move right when he did, he would have been hospitalized, likely a vegetable for the rest of his life. Civility has severely diminished and there is nothing left but overly emotional white knights to fill the vacuum. Disgusting.

  15. A poorly written, libellous article. I’m hoping this is forwarded to some grifter of a lawyer that will take up the girls cause and everyone involved in this.
    Because that’s what you do in the US right? In between school massacres, brutal police homicides, bankrupting medical care and wars for blood oil? Right?

  16. I would slapped her stupid *** back in her own car and taken the keys ,if she doesn’t give a f**k ,what makes you anyone else needs to. Also it’s lake Elsinore ,ca m**h is rampant. Trust me


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