POV Video from the Supra passenger’s snapchat and auction information have emerged following that 2020 Supra crashing into a tree in Bethesda.

Update 9/10/2020 – I’m seeing a lot of traffic to this post, recently. This Supra crash below happened in Bethesda, not Gaithersburg, on Nov 19,2019. I’ve learned there was a fatal Supra crash earlier this week, 14 miles away in Gaithersburg. Details about that crash can be found by searching for “Supra Crash Gaithersburg, Maryland.”

The new Supra just came out a couple of months ago, there are already a handful of crashes and supposedly this one’s #4, a complete writeoff. Shortly after this Supra crashed into a tree near Bethesda, MD, a flurry of photos from passerby’s hit Facebook. Now, there’s in-car footage from the”tuner’s” snapchat at the moment of impact including auction information with images of the wreck.

Check all that out below.

First, here are some images of the wreck.

Here are two videos showing the damage as they drove by.

A POV view of the crash

And finally, some gut wrenching photos from IAAI’s auction showing the extent of the damage. The auction’s linked here.

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According to third party comments on several of these photos and videos, no one has a definitive reason these two crashed the Supra into a tree. We know the owner and a tuner where attempting a street tune using a plug-and-play type system, probably a bog standard flash tune.

Stock, the Supra has 335 HP and 365 lb-ft. Since the Supra uses a BMW engine that’s in some BMW sports cars, aftermarket tuners already have flash tunes that add upwards of 100 HP and more at the click of a button. Adding that much power and not acclimating yourself to how the car reacts can spell disaster. These two found out the hard way, giving it the beans on a tree-lined road.

Word is the driver broke his arm, and the passenger is recovering with a tweaked back.

Eye-balling those auction photos, this car is parts-only. While it’s not impossible for someone to bring that front end back to life with some serious frame work and fresh OEM parts, it’s highly unlikely.

The engine appears to be 80 percent there and maybe someone can pry it out and swap it into something. Again, a big maybe.

It’s a shame seeing a beautiful machine reduced to a hunk of metal so early in its life.

If you’re going to mess around with your car, do it in a controlled area.



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