Priced to sell at $1,500 and looking factory fresh, you won’t believe how many miles this 1992 Honda Accord racked up.

Sparkling white paint, a dent free body, and an interior free from rips and cigarette burns, one look at the $1,500 for sale price on this 1992 Honda Accord and you’d think you came across the steal of the century, and you’re sort of right. But if I told you this 1992 Honda Accord has 430,000 miles, you’d think I’m joking. I’m not.

And did I mention it’s a coupe? Look again, only two doors!

Check out the listing on Kijiji here and some photos of this bulletproof Honda below.

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Presumably someone traded in this Accord for something newer. With the advances in body structure, safety, and overall performance over the last three decades, it wouldn’t hurt to upgrade to something newer. This 1992 Honda Accord’s done its job.

To be fair, a competent detailer can make even the roughest car shine like new but they can only do so much if the car’s been abused. Whoever owned this Accord took care of it.

There are 692,202 kilometers on the odometer (430,114 miles.) That’s roughly 43 miles a day if this Accord’s previous owner drove it everyday for the 27 years.

The tail of the tape under the hood, while not impressive by today’s standards, is plenty enough to keep this car moving along with modern traffic. EX Accords like this one got 5 extra HP over their DX and LX counterparts with 130 HP and about as much torque. While DX Accords came with five-speed’s stock, the majority in America optioned up to the four-speed auto.

KBB value on high-mileage Accords of this gen Accord hover around $2,000 so this Accord is priced fairly, despite the high-mileage.

Whoever buys this Accord will probably see this super coupe hit half a million miles, no problem.

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