Wrapped in camo with Type S concept taillights, there’s no denying this is the 2021 Acura TLX in pre-production form.

It’s been three months since Acura unveiled their Type S Concept in Monterey and since then there’s been no new news from Acura when they’ll unveil their next gen TLX. But according to some photos that surfaced earlier last week, it looks like Acura already has a pre-production version of the second gen TLX driving around near Honda HQ in Ohio ready for its big reveal.

Check out some screenshots below including an exclusive video from a source I’m keeping anonymous for the time being. If you’re a fan of this blog, you can figure out where I got the screenshots from.

Here’s the Type S Concept for comparison


And although Acura denied that leaked images from an infotainment console where real and are just, “conceptual renderings based on our Precision Concept design language…for placement only” that statement isn’t holding up based on this latest spotting.

You be the judge. Those camo’d rear tails look like they’re only half covered.

The person filming shot from a safe distance and didn’t compromise his own safety, repositioning his own car to get a better shot, thus why you don’t see a front shot.

The source gave us a front end description.

“The headlights were jewels like the current model, but the running LEDs were underneath like the RDX and were not amber.”

In Acura’s press release, they mention how they characterized the Type S Concept around its wide track and low stance and it looks like that philosophy transferred over to the next gen TLX in motion.

As mentioned, there’s no denying what’s underneath that camo as Acura didn’t hide those sharp check mark-style rear taillights.

Although we can’t see much of the front, this camo’d TLX does not share the radical front bumper of the Type S Concept, this one sporting a more traditional looking front bumper seen from the side.

If you squint, you make out an integrated spoiler on the trunk, not as pronounced as they Type S concept’s carbon one, but it’s there.

No diffuser is visible on this one.

Those in the know have a head’s up on the L.A. Auto Show Schedule and Acura has a 40 minute presentation time slot. Supposedly that’s when we’ll see the new TLX in the flesh with an announcement a bit before that date.

If true, it’s only a matter of weeks before we see this all new 2021 Acura TLX and maybe the Type S variant with that exclusive turbocharged V6, too.

The LA Auto Show runs from Nov. 20-29 with a press day before that.


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