This man wasn’t getting good offers for his rotted 1970 Dodge Charger B-Body, so he did the asinine thing and crushed it on purpose at a wrecking yard.

Update Oct. 30,2019 – Check out the comment from Jeremiah Goodman in the comments section below! Supposedly, he’s the guy Daniel’s talking about in the video. Sad it turned out the way it did.

Usually when you get too many lowball offers selling a high-dollar item, sane people just ignore such people altogether, blocking their contact information. This owner of an uncommon 1970 Dodge Charger B-Body did something entirely different, let anger get the best of him, and got petty revenge on lowballers by letting a wrecking yard crush this piece of American muscle.

A friend of his filmed the entire debacle and uploaded it on Youtube.

If you’re a fan of older muscle cars, look away because it’s hard to watch.

Supposedly, the story is this reseller, ID’d as Daniel Gagliardi, wanted $10,000 for his 1970 Dodge Charger.

After one too many lowball offers, Daniel got fed up and decided to “teach those lowballers a lesson” by getting this Charger flattened.

While $10,000 might sound like a lot, looking around on eBay for the same Charger in similar shape, that price is on the higher end of the curve. Daniel’s price is close to being an outlier but not entirely out of the ballpark.

When the Charger’s being crushed, you can make out an engine underneath the hood so this Dodge Charger might’ve still been a running car.

Then again, it’s not like this Dodge Charger was a mint, anyway, as this one’s supposedly riddled with rust.

Logically, this decision makes no sense because Daniel ends up a loser, getting literally nothing out of his investment and ultimately losing money.

This is what a child trapped in a man’s body does. A manchild.

There’s some talk that he’ll get his money back with a tax writeoff but I’m not sure this video evidence helps much.

The Dodge Charger is an iconic muscle car, and this one deserved a better fate than in the hands of what some people are calling, “a crazy person.”

Then again, it’s his property and legally he can do whatever he wants with it.

While Daniel didn’t break any laws, 100 percent of all that learned about his story know he’s in the wrong.

Keep muscle cars away from this guy.


  1. Being a seller don’t take lowball offers serious.You need a thick skin now a days as you have to weed out the tire kickers and wait for the serious cash buyers.It probably would have sold sooner or later for the price he wanted but at the same time the seller can have a unrealistic price in those B body’s can be rusted out….cool heads prevail.

    • 100% correct Sir ?
      Everything must take time.
      Especially if you are going to be in the car/home flipping business.
      Just have to wait and see who is going to get the number you want.
      I agree with this guy, he needs to not be trying to flip cars for profit. Because you will inherently not make money on every transaction unless you already have money and never have to be in a hurry toesell anything less than what you ask?
      This guy needs to find a 9-5 job and make his life very predictable because flipping cars ain’t your thing Man.

    • I did the same thing with a 700 Yamaha raptor quad the motor self destructed few days after the warranty expired the dealer wanted $10 000 to rebuild the motor and when I just tried selling the quad I was hoping too get $800 out of it as a parts quad as it was only six months old. I got tired of people offering me $200 so I crushed it with a pay loader.

    • That &&&&&& deserves 2 die 4 crushing a car that someone could’ve restored. Just cause he didn’t get the $10,000 he wanted 2 take his cousin down 2 vegas & get married 2 him doesn’t mean u gotta deprive the rest of us. &&&& U BILLY BOB

  2. Based on the dialog in the video, he bought the car for 3700 to flip it. So he’s flipping cars and mad about not doubling or tripling his investment.

    Kind of a dick move

  3. I’m the guy he talked about never came back I tried for 5 years to buy this car I left nite after nite with his mother cause he was serving 19 years in prison he just got out last year. I stopped by when I heard he was out his mother said she let him know and give him my updated number. I offered him my running and driving 68 mustang coupe red on red in the letter. I left his mother if he told me he’d take $5000 I would have come up with it I never got a call.

    Sorry I was trying not to bother his 80 year old mother. She told me he was thinking of giving it to his daughters bf so I was trying not to harass him but I never was given a price or I would have played it cause I wanted to restore the car and I would have had it my whole life that was my dream car I’ve done multiple full restorations and could have made it perfect!

    For the past 5 years I’d stop by ask again leave a note for him never heard back so once every 2 weeks I’d stop by look at it over the fence waiting for him to come talk to me. No one came out sorry for not bothering your mother a million times!

    I noticed 3 weeks ago the car was gone I was sick to my stomach for not knocking and asking for him again. I didn’t sleep that whole night worrying he did something like this. I would have been ok if I knew it went to someone who’d appreciated it and restored it but I just saw this and I hope people let him have it cause I f***ing tried and tried.

    I would have loved it till I died and I would have payed his price, so nice one, it shows hes been in prison most of his adult life causes he sat on it for this long then just took $250 for it!

  4. Spelling sucks sorry screens cracked it just kills me it sat in his moms yard for 19 years just so when hes out he doesn’t put a for sale sign on it where anyone can see it that price tag was not in the window the week before this happened I just don’t get how he could do that I hope he learns a lesson from this and don’t anyone ever sell him a mopar ever again!

  5. Sorry it won’t let me post the pics of the car where it was sunk up to rockers in dirt I’m not surprised people low balled him it looked bad but I still would have played his price if he actually told me what he wanted his loss!

  6. Nice mullet joe dirt….no ones impressed that you have a small mind and lite pockets n you needed some Sudafed money .dont show this j**k off any attention…

  7. In the early 80’s I was in a salvage yard gathering GTO parts for rebuilding my slightly rusted 1970 and I happened upon a 56 Chevy Cameo. Scrap price had reached $7.00 per 100 lbs for cars and it was about to go nearly intact into the crusher. I had 400 in my hand and tried to explain to the owner that he was unaware that it was a very light pickup and that i was offering nearly 3 times the amount it would bring. Imagine the look on his face as the fiberglass bed splintered into thousands of fragments. That was my dream pickup at the time and now they are priced so very high.
    Idiots have been around since Noah and one can seldomly reason with them.

  8. Judging by the story left by the prospective buyer in the comments section here, I’m assuming this deadbeat felon took whatever $250 he got at the scrapyard and shot it straight up his arm.

  9. That is NOT a Charger 500! It’s a regular 1970 Charger and the biggest tell is the front headlights and assembly. The dude obviously isn’t a real car guy.

  10. I wouldn’t of bought that piece of s**t either, wouldn’t of gave u a 1.00 for it, good thing u smashed it tough guy. u proved urself ?

  11. Wow I’m impressed NOT you sir are a *****ard and have only increased the value of the ones still on the road. THANK YOU.
    Best of luck with your next flip.

  12. First mistake was buying a MOPAR. Those junk boxed were built to do one thing…RUST. Second at $4200. he overpaid by $2000. Third. The only thing this foulmouthed narcissist did at Harvard was mop floors. Fourth he does NOTHING and doubles his asking price…sheer ******. A classic example of a ****** voter being hoist on his own petard.

  13. I hope you enjoyed your 15 minutes of fame *****, your verbal ravings at the end are indicadent of your intelligence level. Now the whole world knows how s***** you are, as you may have read in the comments…if you can read. Those 1 year only-obsolete fenders, grill and hood would bring 3 to 4 grand on Ebay, ever heard of Ebay? Sleep well you penniless and senseless i****.

  14. dont even really care for chargers anyway , buy i would have to say that this guy is a bigger p** than all the lowballers out there , yes they are a pain but people like him are the problem with all the old car market . too many a^^holes with too much money and not enough brains to fix them themselves

  15. Two or three years from now we will see it restored with a headline. Junkyard owner pulled car from scrap pile and restored it. The frame is straight and someone good with a welder and plasma cutter can put repair it. There is no proof that it was actually crushed it was just mauled by a fork truck. The driver went and got a pathfinder to put on top of it just for effect. The flipper walked away and before the end of the day it was pulled out I bet. This car would be easier to build than those burned up hellcats that we see rebuilt . They carefully forked off the hood and trunk. The driver of the lift was cautious just like I would be if I this guy came into my business. We have no proof that the car was actually crushed which is great because someone got a good charger project for 250.00. Who is sleeping now?

  16. Yep just had to watch the vid one more time painful only because the shakyness of the production staff. He should have downed a couple of tall cans to steady the nerves.. Frame rails intact core support entire front nose rear lights and valance intact. He asked them to destroy the taillights and they gave him a excuse. W**k job sounds like he does better inside then out. Mom is worried about him as always. The car biz ain’t for erebody. This is what I call entertainment gentlemen . Chinese trinket or what ??? Who wants to investigate

  17. Way to go you i****. First, 8.5 K is about 7.5 K too much. All you were trying to do is make up for your own i*****c loss, now everyone has the loss. What a j*** o**.

  18. I was a auto mechanic for 30 years and one thing i learned is you cant polish a t*** maybe if he bought the car rite he could have made some money he needs to stop watching shows on tv of the people paying to much money on cars to flip its unfortunate what he did to the car but it was entertaining to watch him have a h**** fit because he didnt hit a home run on his overpriced t***

  19. What an i****. It seems petty people can make you do petty things.. If you allow them to get to you like a week-minded person. I give your decision a thumbs down. The charger shouldn’t have been crushed just because you were. A true P*S

  20. I did a photo shop of a car I was selling to make it look like I crushed it. I made it look real and then waited for a while and re posted the car and found a father and son who really liked the car.

  21. This is one big id*** such a waste brain must have been fried in life.

    What’s the moral you lose your entire investment fora stunt now the car never be restored much less be available to one day restore.

    I get it tough to deal with low ballers but one day someone serious will come by to give you a decent offer waited all those years what’s the hurry.

    Sorry for the owner and for all car lovers and sorry most for the car.


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