Apparently, this Toyota Prius owner has been waking up all his neighbors with his loud but completely stock exhaust.

Either this guy’s got a neighbor with super human hearing or they’ve got nothing better to do with their time than nitpick non-problems. According to Creative311, this Japanese resident got the shock of his life when he found an anonymous letter waiting for him in his mailbox, a note telling him to keep his Toyota Prius noise levels under control!

Check out the tweet with the note below.

The note roughly translates to, “The sound of your car is noisy, so please be quiet.”

This anonymous person might have the wrong car in mind because the Toyota Prius is one of the quietest cars on planet earth.

I don’t have to tell you how quiet they are as I’m sure you’ve come across your share of these Toyota hybrids in your lifetime and heard next to nil when they drive past.

Just in case my memory serves me wrong, a quick search on Youtube confirms my suspicions, the Toyota Prius is one quiet car.

According to this PDriveTV video, the Prius produces a db reading not much louder than a normal conversation.

That isn’t to say the Prius is all that quiet because most of the noise coming from modern hybrids is from its electric motors and regenerative brakes which are somewhat loud.

Check out how loud this Prius sounds like entering a garage in EV mode.

Even still, the Prius is quieter than what most people would consider a loud car.

A Dodge Hellcat revving its supercharged engine at 3 A.M. or some straight piped clapped out Nissan 240 bouncing off the rev limiter, now those are loud.

A Prius? No way.

This nosey neighbor needs to mind their own business.


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