This man got so upset that firefighters allegedly were taking too long putting out his car fire he started punching them.

Two St. Louis firefighters can charge this Penrose, IL man with assault if they wanted too. According to KMOV news on this bizarre video that popped up earlier this weekend (Nov. 15,2019) this man got so upset that his car was burning and firefighters weren’t putting it out fast enough that he started to physically attack them.

Check out the wild video making the rounds below.

This video comes courtesy of Alexandria Hanewinkel who dropped a little insight on what happened shortly before she pressed record.

*allegedly* he got mad that they weren’t putting the fire out fast enough so he threw 2 punches before this video started

You’d think those two initial punches and getting laid out onto the cold, hard asphalt was enough for him to rethink his decisions but, as per the video, apparently not.

Immediately after getting off up the ground, this man charges one of two firefighters who walked away back to their duties.

Presumably, a fire chief in plain uniform pushes the irate individual away from the firefighters, putting space between them and him.

This infuriates him even more throwing a haymaker at the pacifier, one that’s easily dodged before he’s again knocked over, laid out, and restrained again.

KMOV goes on to say that this video will be reviewed to make sure department policy is being followed.

And the angry man? St. Louis Fire will not press charges against him, after all.

“Firefighters do not want the man to be charged but to get the help he needs, firefighters said.

How nice of them.

Seeing your car go up in flames is probably up there in life stressors you can ever experience. Cars are most people’s second biggest investment besides a house so, it’s understandable this man doesn’t want to see his pride and joy just disappear.

But, you’ve got to leave the professional work to the professionals and don’t interfere.

Attacking people helping you is never the answer.

Use this guy’s rash decision as a cautionary tale and do your best to stay cool, calm, and collected despite what’s happening to you or around you.

Also, it’s never a bad idea to carry around a fire extinguisher in your car at all times. Don’t get one of those dinky ones, get one that’ll handle a substantial car fire, and just keep it secured in the back of your trunk.

Your friend might drive your car over some tall weeds, some oil might spill on your exhaust, who knows.

It’s better to be safe than sorry.


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