There’s a white hatchback with a tree sprouted straight through the center seemingly overnight and no one really knows how it happened.

You might’ve seen pictures and videos of car crashes where cars wrap around trees, but this isn’t that. According to videos and photos circulating around social media from Nantes, France, there’s a white hatchback getting a lot of attention. On the surface it looks like a fully grown tree sprouted overnight through the parked car.

Check out the video below and a couple of social media posts showing this strange occurrence.

To a child, a tree planted overnight and sprouting through a car would make perfect sense. But, to us regular folk who know better, that’s impossible.

If you haven’t already guessed, this is in fact a piece of street art put in by a local theatre company, The Royal De Luxe, known for both fantastic works of street art like this and other impromptu pieces of art that defy logic.

According to Ouest-France, a local media outlet that covered this event and conveniently linked in the comments,

“For several months, the troupe of street theater Nantes is regularly invited in the neighborhood, to support a project of urban transformation . In small touches, she distills her imagination and triggers the smiles of passers-by. At first there was that twisted street lamp , and then that red car , parked upright on a wall. We had then discovered Monsieur Burgundy , camping on a facade.

If you live in and around the area, although a surprise, this street art isn’t all too uncommon.

The Royal De Luxe even posted up a small sound bite forwarded to the newspaper posted above. In the piece of the puzzle, embedded below, the Royal De Luxe describes some sort of local granny, known to shop on certain days of the week on who makes her way around on a scooter, who is responsible for this “tree-through-car” and should make an appearance within the week for some kind of street performance.

France, am I right?

Now that we know who did this street art, you have to hand it to them. It is ingenious.

The only logical explanation is that the bottom and top of the car are already pre-pierced. From the side. two cuts were probably made just big enough for a tree to slide through, those cuts hidden by the rubber roof sill on top, further hidden by the closed door.

The driver’s seat is probably cut in the same fashion, leaving enough room for a tree trunk hole before it’s fashioned back together.

My hats off to this local artist as if it’s a buzz they want, it’s doing the trick.


  1. Some guy put it on fire overnight. You can find the video online. They say it is an art act from a local theater group… I doubt it since they have not come out saying it’s truly their creation.


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