If there’s an award for unofficial car dad of the year, this guy get’s my vote.

If your Dad was cool, he might’ve let you steer on his lap when you were little. This Dad, based presumably out of the UK, is on another level. He’s letting his 6-year-old son really, and truly rip it in his 2019 Volkswagen Golf R, an AWD hot hatch that can hit 60 MPH in under five seconds.

Check out the awesome videos of father-son bonding below.

The first video shows the father riding shotgun while his kid gives it the beans around what looks like an abandoned airfield. It gets a little dicey every time his son steers through the fenced gate, but he handles it pretty well.

The VW Golf R is more than forgiving since it’s AWD.

And, launch control is easy-peasy in these modern VWs. Most of the time you just mash the brake pedal and gas, then let go of the brakes while the computer does the rest.

I particularly love it how his Dad really goads him on, encouraging him to put the pedal to the metal and really get the little hot hatch going.

I’m sure this kid’s seen his fair of share of fast driving from his Dad, probably pestered him to let him have a go, and, his dad finally let him get it out of his system.

The second video, his friend is filming from outside, the little kid having the time of his life, really laying it on thick with the loud pedal.

My only concern is this kid’s not restrained, probably because he can’t reach the pedals. But, since this is on an abandoned piece of tarmac, I’ll sort of give the Dad a pass.

Although most kids probably can’t handle a full-sized car, they’re quick learners and, with proper guidance, can probably man-handle a car with the best of them. There are kids younger than this kid winning karting trophies all over the world.

Everyone’s got to drive sometime, let them have fun in a controlled environment once in a while. It won’t hurt ’em.


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