Did you buy a new Dodge Charger, threw those yellow splitter guards in the trash, and then saw all your friends rocking them and now regret tossing yours? Worry no longer!

It was only a matter of time someone did this and, frankly, I’m surprised it took this long. According to Ikon Motorsports in a Facebook post earlier today (Nov. 22, 2019) they’re now producing Front Bumper Lip Splitter Guards in that undeniably yellow you see at dealerships and car meets everywhere.

Check out their post below.

Earlier this year I blogged about how some dealership was taking off customer’s yellow splitter guards and reselling them for a profit. People were snatching them up for upwards of $100.

yellow splitter guards eBay
Dodge owners are spending $100 or more on yellow splitter guards

Now, you can get a set of aftermarket ones that look just as good as those OEM ones for $60, shipping is free in the United States.

It’s common knowledge now that keeping these splitter guards on, like any temporary protective covering, does more harm than good if you don’t protect the paint underneath. Dirt, dust, and, grime build up and, as the splitter guard moves back and forth underneath, these particles grind and damage the paint underneath.

These splitter guards are only supposed to be kept on at the dealership and taken off shortly after.

I guess, now, you can buy a pair of these banana-looking splitter guards if you want that look again.

Be warned, it would behoove you to clear bra your front bumper or, at the very least, put some type of ceramic coating covering to protect the paint before putting these bad boys on.

Kudos to Ikon Motorsports for filling a need in the marketplace. This is America, baby.

And keep an eye out, aftermarket Dodge Charger lip guards are probably coming soon, too.


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