One does not simply modify their exhaust system for pops and burbles without scaring the local townfolk.

Some cars like the Miata have a tendency to backfire with the simplest of exhaust mods, and this Miata owner is putting that extra unburnt fuel to good use, by scaring his fellow Bloomington, Indiana residents. Bloomington car enthusiast Alexander Jerden presumably filmed his friend in his backfiring Miata driving by Planned Parenthood protestors,giving them an earful from his raucous exhaust.

Check out the weekly tradition filmed and uploaded on Facebook below.

Back to the Thursday ritual of scaring the jean skirts off the protesters at planned parenthood. Still need to fix that backfiring problem ?”

Since this video’s been posted, it’s sort of gone viral with 2,300 shares and close to 100,000 views.

This Bloomington Planned Parenthood is conveniently located between two streets which makes it easy to enter and exit. With a backfiring exhaust and people standing in an empty parking lot at the tail end of the week, it would take every fiber in your being not to scare people standing idly by.

It probably helps that this Planned Parenthood is wedged between two brick buildings. Any backfiring probably bounces off and reverberates even louder than if he was in the middle of an empty field.

While modern cars have to be tuned specifically to get that unburnt fuel exhaust explosion, these older golden era 90’s cars are easy to “tune” for that backfire sound. I’d assume for Miatas a free flowing exhaust and maybe a cat delete is all that’s needed to get some backfiring in the upper rev range.

If you’re a fan of my blog, you’ll know I enjoy inserting Google Maps shots, so here’s that Planned Parenthood below.

On a side note, if you feel any sympathy towards those planned parenthood protesters you’ll be glad to know that a small percentage of revenue from this blog is set aside for local and national charities. Their shock and awe and this man’s trolling is inadvertently for the greater good…kind of.

When life gives you backfiring Miata’s, go ahead and blog about it, am I right?


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