Sure, a new Tesla Cybertruck will set you back at least $40,000 but this one’s free.99

With over 250,000 pre-orders and the first customer delivered Tesla Cybertruck projected by 2022, there’s a lot of demand and no supply for a long time. But, if you want one like right now, worry no longer because you can print yourself one, a small paper one. Tesla luggage makers Oscar & Hamish uploaded a printable Tesla Cybertruck template (A.K.A. papercraft) for free.

Here’s the link to the download page and behold my sloppy attempt at making one in less than half an hour below.

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Since this is a blank template, you can customize the livery in photoshop any way you like.

It looks like someone on Twitter already colored in their Paper Cybetruck to look like the prototype unveiled earlier this week. Notice the broken windows. Too soon?

Since the only times I’ve done papercraft was when I made a paper origami bow that one time in college and folded that one dragon that follows your eyes from any angle in the fifth grade, you can say that my arts and craft skills are non-existent.

The most tedious parts are probably cutting the little tabs out. It’s probably a lot easier to do if you had an x-acto knife. I only used a scissors. Also, if you want a cleaner look, just use a glue stick like the instructions say and not scotch tape, like I did.

Partly what makes this particular papercraft so easy is the simple design of the Tesla Cybertruck, it looks like something a fifth grader with a straightedge could’ve whipped up. Ironically, the design is much more nuanced than that.

Some rough and ready CFD analysis by an actual engineer hinted that the drag coefficient isn’t all that bad and the overall shape serves a functional purpose.

Check out his Instagram post below.

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Well, no one else did it so I did. Here is the #CyberTruck in CFD. What intrigues me is how well this works. While it may occur to be happenstance that the aero turns out quite well, I believe this was actually the result of very clever design. Ease of manufacturing in flat panels, significant use of triangulated body parts, etc. I won't quote a drag coefficient, as I dont want to put words in anyone's mouth, but I will place money on it being much lower than most sports cars, and any truck period. Further, I believe the vortex shed over the bed walls helps act to "seal the bed" when the cover is open. I havent modeled the open bed yet, but it sure seems promising. Further, it appears the front end is designed to almost entirely blank out / shield the wheel well…. The cad file is dimensionally correct, all angles and curves are as close as possible. There are some uncertainties such as fenders and wheel well air-exhaust etc. Lastly, at 65mph the local velocity over the roof "peak" is 88mph. Is this the ultimate Elon Easter Egg? @tesla #Tesla #TeslaTruck #CFD @elon

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So, if you’re looking for something to do after you’ve placed your $100 pre-order, go ahead and make yourself a miniature one, it’s the best you’ll get until production starts.


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