Pepe’s towing used three rotators to save this tractor trailer from plunging off a Los Angeles Freeway bridge. This is their POV video.

You’ve got all the heavy-duty trucks and you get the call that there’s a tractor trailer literally dangling off a freeway bridge. What do you do? Pepe’s towing found themselves in that situation earlier last week, called out to a precarious situation, a tractor trailer jackknifed off the 710 Freeway dangling on the edge. Pepe’s Towing dropped a half hour vlog chronicling how his team worked together to bring this big rig from toppling over the side of that freeway.

Check out the vlog below.

Here’s what Pepe’s Towing arrived to.

Like a game of chess, Pepe’s towing positions all three of their rotators strategically. One rotator blocked the trailer from sliding further towards the road, another secured the trailer itself and a third rotator lifted the truck from the side of the bridge.

With one side of the tractor trailer not readily accessible, unconventional methods to get the chains around the trailer had to be used including cutting a hole in the trailer side aero to get the chains underneath and climbing on top of the trailer to throw chain to the other side.

One of the most dangerous parts of the operation was securing the boom chains for the truck itself. Positioning the chains was only possible by literally hanging off the edge of the truck on the passenger side, rope around his waist was the only thing stopping him from falling over.

Then, in a ballet of communication, the trailer and truck are simultaneously lifted and boomed away from the bridge’s edge.

The drone shot is epic.

To add to the situation’s stress level the local media was all watching with camera’s rolling, there to get the proverbial “money shot” of the entire tractor trailer being lifted and swung successfully off the edge for their local news reports.

I don’t know how much Pepe’s Towing get’s paid for a call like this but it’s not enough, that’s for sure.


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