If you search for this one adult…item that starts with the letter D and rhymes with “Real though,” Subaru cars pop up for some odd reason.

First a disclaimer, it’s really not embarrassing if you search for this item on Facebook marketplace. If you’re a guy or girl and are honestly searching for this… thing, more power to you. If you must know, I’m keeping it PG for advertisers.

OK, now onto the tea.

So the gist of it is when you enter this five letter word that starts with a D and comes in various sizes and colors in real life into Facebook Marketplace, a bunch of Subaru cars pop up. All kinds of Subarus come out the woodworks within my predetermined search radius including Subaru Imprezas, Foresters, and Legacies.

Surely, just an anomaly. Wrong. Here are a handful of screenshots from other people experiencing the same phenomenon.

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Since I couldn’t find information on how Facebook Marketplace suggestions works, I did a bit of researching of my own.

First, I searched for “Garbanzo Beans,” a search term that would trigger the “No items found within a 60 mile radius” but would presumably bring up logical suggestions, and it did.

I got recommendations for nearby homemade hummus, Ready-to-reheat meals, some dog food, and vegetarian kofte (turkish meatballs.) So, Facebook Marketplace’s search algorithm isn’t out of kilter.

Then, I searched for a word that starts with the letter V and is often battery-powered, most frequently bought by ladies. It’s an adult term just like that “D” word item and should bring up some relevant suggestions.

Facebook marketplace delivered with items to compact concrete and gravel, knockoff Playstation controllers with feedback, and a pneumatic sand blaster.

Now that I know Facebook Marketplace suggestions has some kind of logic, I can now go to my original hypothesis about why Subaru cars pop up when you search that one word.

I think it’s Facebook’s greater word cloud that we’ve programmed it with. It’s a stereotype that women who like other women drive Subarus, so much so that every time a comment is left with that played out trope, Facebook logs it away as real.

In addition, our word cloud is unique to us. I’d further guess that if you search for that same word from a non-car person account in the same area, you wouldn’t get Subarus.

So, when I search for that item that starts with the letter “D,” Facebook does its magic and pulls up the item most closely associated with that word in my word cloud. As someone whose liked dozens of car-related pages, it’s Subarus. Subaru Imprezas, Legacies, Foresters the lot.

Well, that’s my .02 why this happens and I feel I’ve written way too much on the matter. Do you have your own hypothesis? Do you have an actual reason? Let me know in the comments below.


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