And when one of them started leaking, she double-bagged it….like you do.

Houston Police better find this woman and tell her to stop filling plastic bags with gas because nothing good can come of that. Video emerged earlier this week (Dec. 12, 2019) showing a lady at a Kroger gas station somewhere in Houston, TX filling up a Target bag with gasoline.

Check out the crazy video below thanks to Jason Rudison.

The video starts out with the lady already done filling up her bag of gas. Seeing this unbelievable occurrence happening before his eyes, Jason hit record on his phone.

Since Target bags aren’t meant to hold liquids, gasoline pours out a tear that formed near the bottom. It’s a mess.

Being the smart woman this lady is, she double-bags her full bag of combustible liquid, as if that makes the situation any less dangerous.

She then sticks the disaster-waiting-to-happen into the back of her Honda Accord.

According to this city’s Gasoline Safety page

Gasoline is readily available and routinely used in most households. In spite of the routine use of gasoline, many people are unaware of or unappreciative of the dangers of gasoline.  Gasoline is dangerous because it is highly volatile. The fumes are capable of ignition up to12 feet away from a pooled source.

Storing gas in a loose bag means fuel vapors can escape and mix with the surrounding air. The smallest spark in the back of her car can cause her bag of gas to explode, setting her car on fire.

Gasoline has lots of energy potential. According to this page from Purdue, one gallon of gas has the explosive energy equivalent to 83 sticks of dynamite. That’s partly why we use gas as a fuel. In controlled combustion, we can harness that energy into transportation.

Gas should be stored in approved fuel containers only. Proper gas cans are stable when placed in a moving vehicle, will not leak much when toppled over, are durable, able to withstand constant use and abuse, and is puncture resistant.

A plastic bag is none of these things.

One of many questions I have for this lady is how she’ll empty her bag of gas when she gets home?


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