If you could characterize the Toyota Supra into a snack, this would be it.

The social media managers at Gazoo Racing and Number one Japanese Chip Maker Koike have something to celebrate this coming weekend. During Toyota Gazoo Racing Festival 2019, Toyota will hand out these Toyota Supra-themed corn snacks, birthed because of a misspelled Tweet.

Check out what the Chip bag looks like thanks to AutoSport.

Koike is like our Lay’s potato chips.

Back in May Koike suggested two flavors of corn puff snack to eat for lunch on Twitter, Special Shrimp and Calamcho Hot Chili Flavor. These two are part of their “Super Scone” lineup. A Scone is a type of corn puff snack.

Instead of typing out Super Scone, that chip intern typed in Supra Scone, and from their the internet ran with it.

Gazoo Racing replied back, “You mean Super Scone and not Supra Scone?” And they were like, “Yes, my mistake and what a coincidence.” The Japanese to English translation says “I’m sorry I made a mistake with such a fine car.”

According to Auto Sport,

This “Supra scone” is a “explosive speed BBQ 3L inline 6-cylinder turbo” taste that expresses the scones’ barbecue taste in a GR supra style. In addition to the GR Supra logo and photos of the actual car, the top and bottom of the package include the A90 mosaic pattern that was applied to the body before the debut of the GR Supra. The scone character “Harape Kong” also wears a helmet and a racing suit.

As hinted at, if you attend the Toyota Gazoo Racing festival later this weekend in Japan, you get a complimentary bag of chips.

If you’re reading this in Japan, are going to their festival, and happen to grab an extra bag, contact me maybe?

I’d love to try this rare JDM treat.


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