This Subaru driver in Anchorage, Alaska gained internet infamy not for his high-speed hijinks but for his signature nonplussed look.

Mike couldn’t believe his eyes, a dented up Subaru was allegedly blasting down Dowling Road in Anchorage at a blazing 110 MPH. When Mike confronted the driver for his hooliganism he rolled down his window and gave him a look worthy of all the memes.

Mike Ellis posted up his confrontation on Alaska’s Worst Drivers on Facebook and his post’s sort of gone viral. Check out his post below.

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Ever since Mike’s posted up his “encounter” a couple of days ago, his post has taken on a life of its own with the driver’s expression run through the meme factory.

Here are a couple of my favorites. The last one’s a real doozy, someone took the time to recreate Paul Walker and Vin Diesel’s tearjerker of a last scene in Furious 7.

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Since Mike’s post’s been up, his photos and caption have been shared close to 1,000 times with more than a hundred comments underneath.

But why did was this face the one to launch a thousand memes?

First, he looks a lot like the founder of Facebook Mike Zuckerberg so immediately our minds make that humorous connection. A couple photo comments went there.

But ultimately it’s the combination of caption and look that makes this photo quite meme-worthy. No one really believes that he’s actually tuning his hand-me-down Impreza.

Then there’s that look, a combination of bewildered and unperturbed you only find from someone who’s slightly curious why you’re pointing the camera at them.

Of course, his expression reveals the truth, he really was only slightly disturbed. It was only for the memes. Mike is a master troll.

Well played, fellas.


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