No hands on the steering wheel and not an eye on the road, whoever was driving Erika Costell around needs to pay more attention.

It’s become so commonplace for young people to text while driving that when a videographer filmed, edited, and uploaded an Erika Costell vlog to her official channel, no one from their team caught the horrifying moment when someone on Erika’s team was texting and driving at nearly 70 MPH.

Check out a screenshot of the now deleted portion of the video.

The vlog focuses on Erika and her team driving around Los Angeles delivering lip kits to a handful of other famous YouTubers.

Gloat is Erika’s own brand of beauty products.

According to Twitter user @M101news, the original video was 13:06 in length whereas this newly edited version is 12:46, 20 seconds is unaccounted for.

Here’s another screenshot from the now deleted part.

YouTube allows you to edit out sections of your video to comply with copyright laws among other reasons, in this case, to avoid further controversy.

In California, drivers can’t use mobile phones for calling, reading text, writing texts, or for any other reason while on public roads. Drivers can use their cellphones while driving on private property or for an emergency. Fines start out at $150 with each subsequent violation costing $250.

It’s clear whoever is driving in Erika’s video is on a freeway and it’s not an emergency. A texting app is visible.

Since this error’s been revealed, Erika herself nor anyone from her team has responded.

More than likely this will all blow over and everyone will forget this was ever a thing within the week.

If you have a bad habit of using your phone while driving, stop. If you see someone you know texting while driving, call them out.


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