This Pennsylvania Chevrolet dealership is selling one of their C8 allocations for $120,000, and that doesn’t include the price of the car.

Markups and allocation auctions on eBay for the new C8 Corvette are expected, but this one really takes the cake. According to an eBay listing that popped up earlier yesterday (Dec. 31, 2019) it looks like Fred Bean Chevrolet based out of Doylestown, PA is offering one of their C8 allocations for a “Buy it now” price of $120,000.

Check out their listing linked here and a screenshot of the listing in question.

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“You are buying the opportunity to purchase an early allocation of a 2020 C8 Chevy Corvette.This is and early allocation from a premier Chevy dealer in bucks County PA. Expected delivery date of May/June 2020. March Build. Listing price includes the price of the Corvette plus the market value gap.

Purchase price to be paid at the Dealership at delivery $82,307.05 including PA tax and tags.

eBay seller SurplusLiquidator85’s listing caught my attention only after an earlier auction, for the same C8 allocation and now deleted, hit $51,000 with three hours left. I wasn’t at my computer for the end of that auction but I pre-emptively took some screenshots of that listing.

Notice how the VIN traces back to a 2016 GMC Sierra, that’s because this C8 doesn’t even exist yet.

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To be fair, this eBay listing has a “Best Offer” feature so if you wanted to, you can throw them a cheaper price.

I can only assume this Doylestown dealership put up that earlier auction to gauge just how desperate some potential C8 shoppers are to get one of the first few C8’s made.

And even if you snag this allocation, you will have to wait months for your C8. According to the description, your C8 will be made in March and delivered as late as June.

I’m a libertarian at heart so the economist in me wants to say, “Who cares?” But for $200,000, you can get three C8’s, assuming some angel of a dealership sells them at their MSRP of $60,000.

Demand is super high right now and some sap is willing to drop $200K just to be the first on their block to show off their mid-engine American supercar.

Then again, we’re talking about Corvettes here, a sports car that will be literally made by the thousands because it’s Chevrolet , not some boutique car in limited quantities.

According to a thread in Corvette Forum, dealerships all over the country have been pulling off this stunt albeit at much lower prices.

And even before the C8, Tesla reservations were auctioned off eBay if you wanted your Tesla Model 3, or X etc. sooner rather than later.

I understand these dealership shenanigans, they’re just managing their inventory against demand, but $120,000?

Come on.


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