If you’re looking for a new Hitman steering wheel and don’t mind that it’s a rep, you’re in luck.

After a brief Bing search, it looks like Hitman Steering Wheels were popular among low-riders, classic car owners, and most recently, drifters, for their unique chain look encased in an acrylic casing. Authentic Hitman Steering Wheels demand a premium now that they’re no longer made but, if you don’t mind rocking a copy, NRG Innovations has you covered.

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And here’s what original Hitman Steering Wheels look like.

Compared to the original, from 10 feet away, you wouldn’t notice the difference between NRG’s and the real thing. Of course, get up close and the devil is in the details.

OG Hitman’s have what looks like a thicker, twisted, chain pattern inside the casing while NRG’s has a thinner looking pattern with a lot more twists.

The center hub on the OG Hitman has a simpler design whereas NRG’s has a raised center surrounding their logo’d horn button.

Other than those two details, they look 90 percent similar.

As you can see in the second Instagram post, people are asking a lot of money for original Hitmans, in this case, upwards of $1,500. If those steering wheels have cracks, they can cost a little less, but not by much. That’s just supply and demand at work considering these steering wheels originally cost around $300 brand new.

I can’t imagine people spending that much for an original Hitman but you gotta pay to play if you don’t want to be called out for rocking a rep.

I’m not for or against reps but given the choice between spending four figures for an authentic one or $200 for something that looks just as good if not better, well, the choice is pretty simple.


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