Tell a millennial to start a manual car and, most likely, they’ll start it like this poor sap did.

Most millennials don’t know how to start a manual car properly and safely so when Christian Angelo Cioroiu’s friend snagged the keys of his Dad’s $74,000 Ford Mustang GT350R and turned the ignition, he immediately regretted his decision, the pony car lurched forward, crashing into the closed garage door in front of him.

Check out the embarrassing video below. Fair warning, the language is NSFW.

It’s common knowledge for most manual car drivers that you should place your car in gear and engage the handbrake before exiting the vehicle. With the wheels engaged and in gear, on the off chance the handbrake fails, your car will not roll forward on its own, possibly damaging another car or property.

When starting your manual car, most people slam on the clutch and brake at the same time to release the clutch and stop the car from moving on its own with its own momentum. Without doing this, with some manual cars, there’s a strong chance the starter motor is strong enough to engage whatever gear the car is in, lurching the car forward.

See above video for example.

This kid will have some major explaining to do to dear old Dad. As mentioned, this pony car is almost six figures. Under the hood is a monstrous V8 engine outputting 527 HP. This baby can hit 60 MPH in under four seconds and can apparently damage its own bumper without as much as a throttle blip.

If you own a manual car, set boundaries for those within arms reach of your keys. Also, it’s probably a good idea to leave a helpful “how to start” if they’re like this kid and don’t really respect boundaries to begin with.

This Mustang’s got some body shop work in its future.


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