He had to pay the tow driver $60 to get dragged just a couple of feet to a Supercharger unit.

Tesla owner and probably Canada’s most famous Tesla Taxi driver @TeslaTaxi on Instagram got himself into quite a pickle earlier today that ended up with him having to shell out for one of the most expensive tows per distance travelled in history.

Check out the humorous video he shared on Instagram earlier today.

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The question is… Fail or not? ?

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@TeslaTaxi is no stranger to electric car ownership, far from it. With over 200,000 miles on his 2014 Tesla Model S P85, his Tesla is probably one of the highest mileage Teslas operating in his vicinity.

Well aware of the capabilities of his Tesla, he probably got overconfident with his range estimates, something any electric car owner shouldn’t get comfortable with, especially if you live in colder climes. Cold negatively affects battery range.

Just like your gas gauge, 0 miles range left on your Tesla’s power meter doesn’t necessarily mean an empty tank. Elon Musk is on the record for saying that, when “empty,” Teslas have a bit of energy left, enough for up to 15 miles in ideal conditions.

@TeslaTaxi’s probably dipped below 0 miles dozens of times and thought he could make it. Maybe if he didn’t eat breakfast, wore lighter socks, or used his regenerative braking just a little more, he could’ve made it.

According to @TeslaTaxi in the comments, when asked why he didn’t push and how his car acts with 0 miles left.

Depends of the temperature… it’s usually more than the 1 km I did, I was sure to be okay. Not possible to push a 4600 lbs car on snow without grip, but anyway the car was dead, couldn’t put in on neutral. I offered 40 and ask me 60$, I was happy he was there 10 minutes after I called.”

Had it been a warm summer day with another person around to help, he would’ve saved $60.

I’m sure this is the last time he’ll push his Tesla that far.

For the record, us ICE drivers aren’t any better, it’s just easier to get some gas to make it to a station.


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