There’s a reason Tesla warns you about not to enable Dyno Mode in everyday driving.

Tesla owners around the world are discovering a secret easter egg that came out with the latest over-the-air update called Dyno Mode which disables traction control. This Tesla Model 3 owner felt a bit confident, turned on dyno mode, and immediately crashed his Tesla into a ditch.

Check out the super embarrassing video below.

According to the video description his particular Tesla Model 3 is the dual Motor AWD Non-performance model which means a combined 447 HP. Unlike some AWD systems with an even 50:50 power split, AWD in a Tesla Model 3 is RWD biased.

Tesla released Dyno Mode specifically for its namesake, for owners to strap their Teslas onto chassis dynos to get horsepower and torque ratings at the wheels. With traction control and the suite of safety features enabled, a clean dyno run is impossible because the Teslas computers intervene.

While in Dyno Mode the following safety features are disabled

‐ Disable stability control to ensure no false interaction with the dyno.
‐ Disable traction control to ensure no false interaction with the dyno.
‐ Disable Active Drive Line Damping to avoid inducing oscillations in the dyno.
‐ Force the torque split to be as it would be under normal straight-line driving conditions
‐ Disable Brake Disk Wipe

Check out Drag Times putting their Tesla Model 3 throught the paces with Dyno Mode on. Note, this guy is not your averages Tesla owner and knows how cars handle on the limit.

With traction control disabled and without any driving skills, the Tesla Model 3 and any Tesla with Dyno mode enabled is an unpredictable machine, something this Tesla Model 3 owner found out the hard way.

On presumably cold tires, he gave his Tesla the beans mid-corner and, the Tesla being RWD biased, sent most the power to the rear all at once #BecauseElectric causing him to lose any traction and control up front.

He probably thought dyno mode unleashed a bit more power hidden in those electric motors.

Surprisingly, this Tesla owner is keeping this video public to serve as a reminder for anyone else thinking of doing the same thing.

Unless you know proper car control or are on an empty skid pad in the middle of a racetrack, you are not smarter than your Teslas traction control and should, under no circumstances, run Dyno Mode on the street.

Don’t turn on Dyno Mode, Tesla owners. Just don’t do it.

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