This isn’t your mom’s Toyota Camry, that’s for sure.

Think 1993 Toyota Camry and most people think of that FWD beige slab of reliability that Toyota built its reputation on. But this is an entirely different monster. Brisbane, Australia tuner Trent Meyer complimented by Capalaba Motor Repairs buttoned up a Toyota Camry sleeper build that’s sure to not turn any eyes on the drive back home but would probably give a Ferrari a run for its money from a 30 roll.

Check out the awesomeness that is a sleeper 1993 Toyota Camry with a gigantic snail below.

With its hood closed, none would be the wiser that there’s a monster lurking underneath. Painted OEM Derwent Blue, this Camry’s not beige so I’ll give owner Trent some style points for that.

Larger and wider tires are on all four corners. Who knows what he’ll swap in their place when he gets ready for a bit of fun.

But pop the hood and oh my word, this Camry’s DTF, down to forced-induction. There’s a Garrett GTX3076r Gen1 turbo stuffed where a normal header would be.

While it might look like Trent’s kept the stock 5S-FE, nothing could be further. The only things left of the stock 5S-FE are the block and crankshaft–Trent runs a Gen 1 3S-GE head from a ST162 Celica with TODA springs, retainers and 264 deg 9.0mm camshafts

Looking at the craftsmanship and quality of parts Trent’s thrown at this boosted blue bruiser, no expense was spared. According to Trent, internal upgrades include JE Pistons, Carrillo rods, the usual ARP fasteners, Moroso oil pan, Turbosmart oil, fuel and boost control and an Adaptronic ECU.

You can guess how much power this Camry puts down to the wheels but Trent’s told me “it does run 112 MPH through the 1/4 mile.” Sounds fast to me even though his plates say otherwise (510 CAM= SLOW CAM.)

Stock, these Starbucks run workhorses put out a bland 130 HP and 145 lb-ft. This one makes way more.

According to the owner’s comment on Instagram, he’ll be “at the roll racing next month” Sucks to be the poor sap who lines up next to this unassuming sedan.

The 1993 Toyota Camry was never meant for serious performance on this level so it’s cool to see owners throwing some major engine upgrades on these Camries.

If you’re in the Brisbane area and you decide to pick on some Blue Camry one day, don’t be surprised if you get your doors blown off.


  1. wonder if it’s still prowling the roads…I’ve got a v6 camry of the same generation, just need some forged pistons and it’ll be ready for boosting lol


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