Rapper T-Pain is becoming a gear head in the truest sense of the phrase, by turning his own wrenches.

Anyone can drop a chassis off at a performance shop with a blank check and a deadline and show up months later to a built drift car, but that’s not T-Pain. The world renowned Rapper, most recently seen on Sabra’s Super Bowl Commercial, got caught candidly ripping out the old suspension on his new-to-him BMW E46 project car and swapping in a set of coils from BC Racing.

Check out the awesome shot below and if you missed his spot during the Super Bowl, I posted that too.

Yes believe It i helped T-Pain last night in installing his coilovers on the new E46 M3 build. He did almost all of the work. He wants to be more hands on with this car and I applaud that very much mad respect for wearing diamond Rolex and getting his hands dirty!!!! from r/Justrolledintotheshop

If your fans of the blog you’ll know that it’s been a minute since T-Pain’s taken a strong interest in drifting. T-Pain’s already got himself a Nissan 14 with S15 front end. Under the hood of that drift monster is an LS1, the same engine found in the Camaro SS and C5 Corvette.

That Dude in Blue not only test drove the Pickle Rick S14 but also gave him a handful of drift lessons in it.

While the S14 is one of the best chassis to drift in, it looks like something Euro in the form of a BMW E46 M3’s caught his eye. Although we don’t know what he plans to do under the hood, the S54 straight six is legendary for making big power numbers with a bit of forced induction. He’s already got something LS powered so hopefully that’s scratched that itch for a swap.

The E46 is a proven chassis all the way to the top tier of Formula Drift with pro drivers like Micheal Essa, Alex Heilbrunn, and Kristaps Bluss using this potent BMW chassis.

Before power, suspension is a good place to start, so a solid set of racing coilovers is a logical first step for any drift build.

Working on your own car can be time consuming, tedious, and frustrating, but get it right, and it’s one of the most rewarding things you can do. Not only do you learn skills along the way, when under race (or drift) conditions, you’ll have a better understanding of what’s happening while the car’s moving around.

Props to you, T-Pain, for getting your hands dirty.


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