A photo is going “car youtube viral” showing Nicole Frye standing next to her alleged new beau shared from said beau’s Instagram account.

Car youtube doesn’t get much internet tea so when something scandalous goes down, we’re all frogs taking huge gulps from that giant teacup filled with the steamy stuff. An Instagram user by the name @Constantin_Jung shared a photo of himself next to Nicole Frye, formerly Nicole LZ. Facebook user Andrew Beasley promptly took a screenshot of that photo and shared it on his personal Facebook page where it took on a life of its own.

You can read the comments for all the juicy details.

Since the above photo’s been posted, being the d***s we all are, supposedly dozens of people forwarded, tagged, and messaged Adam, showing Adam what Nicole’s been up to. It got so bad that at one point Adam himself shared Andrew’s photo as a way of saying, “Hey, I know, OK. Thanks anyway!” That share was deleted shortly after but since nothing dies on the internet, here’s a screenshot.

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It’s been over two years since Adam LZ and Nicole LZ divorced. They released a rather awkward video shortly after their mutual agreement to part ways.

In response to this viral photo, Adam LZ tweeted this out.

Some replies were downright savage.

Someone even had the ba**s to tag Adam on Instagram with this trashy gem.

Adam is wrapping up an epic road trip of sorts that saw Adam driving his drift Toyota Chaser over 2,000 miles, drifting and tracking seven different raceways over ten days.

Adam’s latest posts have him in California with fellow car youtuber and all around cool guy TJ Hunt.

Adam had this to say about his time in the Golden State.

I think we can all agree California would be a greater state with Adam LZ shredding it up here. I can definitely see Adam leveling up his drifting with all the tracks, shops, and resources at his disposal.

So, if you’re wondering what all the drama is about, there you have it.


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