This Ferrari F12 was en-route to a Ferrari dealership for a quick once over but a rash of bad luck means it’s no longer for sale.

A real horror story for a lot attendant, a dealership, and this poor Ferrari came out of Westwood, Massachusetts earlier yesterday. According to New England crash page “Highway to Hell” an allegedly 18-year-old lot porter of Mercedes of Westwood totaled a $300,000 Ferrari F12 supposedly on its way to a local Ferrari dealership a little more than two whole miles away.

Check out out the gut-wrenching photos below.

Here’s what the F12 looks like brand-new.

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I’ve reached out to Westwood Mercedes via their online contact form to confirm if the driver was really 18-years-old so, for the meantime, I’m leaving “alleged” in the title.

One eye witness confirmed that the person driving was “some kid” so there’s a bit of truth backing up this post’s claim.

The story is that this Ferrari F12 Berlinetta was a trade-in. Those commenting in the know claim that, more than likely, this Mercedes dealership opted to let the local Ferrari dealership deal help with the pre-delivery inspection and to fix any small issues before putting it out on the lot officially.

The F12 Berlinetta is a front mid-engine RWD grand tourer from Ferrari sold between 2012-2017. With a 6.3L V12 making 730 HP mated to a 7-speed DCT, this Italian GT packed a wallop. You could hit 60 MPH in 3.1 seconds and, if you kept your foot down, you’d reach 211 MPH soon enough.

Painted in bright Rosso Scuderia and with that much power at your disposal, any invitation to drive this beast is just courting trouble.

New, these bad boys cost $320,000.

The Ferrari dealership, just two miles away, was literally a five-minute drive to get there. According to Google Maps, you can take some back streets and get there in 2.1 miles, or you can take the Boston-Providence Turnpike, which is .5 miles longer, but, you get to put your foot down to reach highway speeds. This lot attendant used the freeway.

According to that aforementioned eye-witness who saw the crash play out,

Keen eyes will notice that the roads are damp. On cold tires, any stab of the throttle is a recipe for disaster.

You hate to see it happen and I’m sure that Mercedes dealership is regretting sending out someone in the rain that short of a distance in a car that pricey.

I wish I could say the damage looks OK, but it’s not. Major suspension pieces are damaged and lots of frame repair is in order not to mention possible engine work.

This car is surely a write-off, destined for the local auctions.

Shortly after the crash, the for sale ad was still up on their website. It’s no longer there but that doesn’t mean someone already took a screenshot. Here’s that for sale ad.

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A pricey lesson to learn, I’m sure this dealership’s calling a tow truck for anything $50,000 and above.


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