You can now drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles and have some range left to toodle around with.

Range anxiety who? According to Tesla, they’ve boosted range for Tesla Model S and X from 373 miles to 390 miles and 328 miles to 351 miles, respectively. That’s not even the crazy part. Musk tweeted out that this boost of range is not because of extra batteries or something installed from the factory, the extra range was there all along.

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Musk mentions that it’s not just Tesla Model S and Xs that are currently being made that will benefit from this range boost but goes as far back as last year’s production models. It’s not clear how far back though. Estimates on Tesla specific threads on this latest update estimate that cars made as late as November 2019 will have this capability.

It’s no mystery battery technology for Teslas 18650 cells has improved over the years and this is proof.

Musk is on the record for saying “Model S and X actually have more range than we are currently stating on the website. We just haven’t gotten around to updating it.”

Range stays exactly the same for both Performance variants of S and X so some are guessing efficiencies in both cars rear motors, the biggest difference between Performance and Long range, has something to do with this latest range boost.

When asked if the magic 400 miles was possible Musk replied that with some simple improvements, it’s not entirely impossible to pull off now.

After potential savings, you can get yourself one of these range improved Tesla Model S and Xs for $75,490 and $79,690 respectively.


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