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Tesla Model X owner says Autopilot tried to kill him, veered towards safety barrier...

If he wasn't paying attention, more than likely his Tesla would've veered towards that crash barrier. A Tesla...

Samuel Hübinette’s Tesla Model X catches fire & burns after collision, wheels remain unmelted

Orange County Fire Department reports that one male was transported to a local hospital in stable condition. This is...

Range boost for Tesla Model S & X was there all along, Musk hints...

You can now drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles and have some range left to toodle around with.

Tesla Model X owner launches his SUV off one of LA’s steepest streets

Youtuber David Dobrik really had some fun with his Tesla Model X, launching it off of one of California's steepest streets.
Reggie Watts Jack Black Teslas

Reggie Watts and Jack Black next to each other in Teslas is car friends...

Renowned Tesla Model S owner Reggie Watts had the best "car friends goals" encounter the other day at a stop light. Sure, it's one thing...
Tyler The Creator Tesla

How come Tyler the Creator’s Tesla Model X didn’t save him from crashing?

The Tesla Model X can practically drive itself and save us mere mortals by braking if it "sees" an imminent crash, so, why didn't...

Tesla Model X Owner Says Autopilot Caused His Crash

The latest crash involving a Tesla Model X illustrates, once again, how those who use autopilot must be more vigilant than ever. If there's one...