The Tesla Model X can practically drive itself and save us mere mortals by braking if it “sees” an imminent crash, so, why didn’t Tyler The Creator’s Tesla save him from himself?

As per TMZ, earlier Thursday (Oct. 25, 2018) American rapper, producer, and video director Tyler, the Creator slammed into the back of a Honda CR-V, and fortunately walked away unscathed. The same can’t be said for his Tesla Model X which had its front end smashed to smithereens and is now just an insurance write-off.

But wait, I thought the Tesla Model X had some sort of emergency braking or something which can save you from crashing? Well, yes, the Tesla Model X does come standard with Automatic Emergency Braking which uses cameras and radar sensors to determine if an accident with an object is unavoidable, and, at that moment, will apply the Tesla Model X’s brakes for you. So, why didn’t Tyler, the Creator’s Tesla Model X save him?

Simple. The system is not designed to.

Refrencing the Tesla Model X’s manual,

Automatic Emergency Braking is not designed to prevent a collision. At best i can minimize the impact of a frontal collision by attempting to reduce your driving speed.


Contrary to popular belief, a Tesla Model X will not bring you to a stop, it will merely scrub as much speed as it can. In addition, there are some conditions where AEB will not be applied.

  • If you turn your steering wheel sharply.
  • If you apply your brakes during AEB
  • You press your accelerator from 90-100 percent of its travel.
  • Or when the object is no longer detected ahead.

Tyler, the creator himself addresses his crash, that it was his fault, and, that he fell asleep.

As per TMZ, the Honda CR-V in front of him flew 50-feet, which takes a lot of energy to do.

Here’s the location of the crash.

I think Tyler, The Creator was traveling at speeds well above the posted speed limit when he fell asleep and AEB scrubbed as much speed as it could, probably down to 65 MPH from a guesstimated 80 MPH. It was reckless driving, plain and simple.

This is why we need autopilot technology to jump up a couple of rungs on the ladder of autonomy.  to save ourselves from…ourselves.

Source: TMZ


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