Successfully ghost riding the whip takes practice

A Tesla Model X owner is enjoying a higher insurance premium after a stunt he pulled earlier last week in front of a Yard House restaurant in Concord, California. Video shot from satisfied dinner-goers post meal shows the tragic yet hilarious moment a Tesla Model X owner attempts to Ghost Ride the Whip, presumably using Summon Mode.

It all goes horribly wrong when he appears to drunkenly hop back in to his Model X and hit the accelerator instead of the brakes. A comedy of errors ensues, physics takes over, and he is slung from his Tesla, injuring himself.

His Tesla Model X, no driver aids enabled, careens into the back of a Jeep Grand Cherokee, Keak the Sneak still blasting.

Check out this man’s cautionary tale below. mirror here

Summon mode is a relatively new feature introduced in 2019. It allows an owner to “summon” his Tesla without being in the driver seat. The Tesla does its best to drive to or follow the owner as long as he has their finger on the summon button via the Tesla app. In the video, we can see the owner’s hand on his smartphone.

What he fails to realize is Summon Mode can move pretty quick, up to 6 MPH by some estimates. And, whereas regular cars typically stay driving straight, a Tesla can turn in summon mode, a fact he misjudges when he kicks his own door.

The cherry on top is all the gawkers surrounding this poor dude’s Tesla because it’s still blasting Super Hyphy, the official anthem of the Hyphy movement. They just can’t help themselves bob and weave to the beat. Heck, I probably would too.

Let’s this be a lesson for you Tesla owners, only use your Teslas capabilities the way they intended it for.

Maybe don’t try summon mode for the first time trying to pull off an epic stunt.


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