Renowned Tesla Model S owner Reggie Watts had the best “car friends goals” encounter the other day at a stop light.

Sure, it’s one thing to caravan with your friends to a car meet, party, or just to hang out, but low-key one of the best parts about owning a car is the shenanigans you do with your car pals when you’re next to each other at a stop light. The only thing better is when you drive similar cars! Drummer, rapper and all around renaissance man Reggie Watts shared his stoplight experience on Instagram earlier today (Jan 2, 2018) and it is honestly “car friends goals.” Pulling up right next to him was none other than Jack Black himself in a Tesla, just like Reggie Watts himself.

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Seeing friends in traffic makes for a great start back home??‍♂️

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Can you imagine the epic conversation they must’ve had at the stoplight?

Reggie Watts: “Yo, what’s happening Jack!”
Jack Black: “Nothing much. Hey, nice car. Let’s race!”

Reggie Watts and Jack Black are very good friends who’ve worked together in the past. Here are Reggie and Jack making beautiful music together with Reggie leading the way.

And, as an aside, I only know who Reggie Watts is because he did this iconic commercial for Die Hard batteries back in the day. Anyone else remember this commercial?

Reggie Watts is most known for his music style utilizing his voice, his mastery of beatboxing and what he can come up with on a loop machine and keyboard. Since 2015 he’s been the resident band leader of James Corden’s Late Late Show and various other sketch comedy shows before that.

But, as far as cars goes, since 2015, Reggie Watts is known for being an early adopter of the Tesla Model S, that’s right, the OG founders edition. Remember that one? Here’s a tweet from when he first got his Tesla Model S and him standing next to it.

I just love coming across these slices of life if it involves cars when it comes to Hollywood’s famous.

How do you react when you have a friend drive up next to you at a stoplight? Let me know in the comments below!

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