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Ford Mustang owners taking their cars to the local dragstrip just want to drive straight, get a fast ET and maybe beat the person next to them. But to find out that your Ford Mustang is hungry for crowds* is both disappointing and seemingly a fact of life for most Mustang owners. Thanks to this video shot at a drag race shared by Hellcat owner @Shaved_kitty over Instagram earlier before the year ended (Dec. 22, 2018) this Mustang owner might want to practice his launches because swerving into the wall is the last thing a drag racer wants to do at the track.

Check out the video below and just in case that one isn’t up, @BadMustangDrivers also posted it up shortly after. 


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Lined up next to this Ford Mustang is a Dodge Demon which, with 840 HP stock, is quite the challenge for the Ford. But, with a reputation for only running fast under ideal conditions, perhaps this Mustang driver thought he had a chance.

When the green light drops, the Demon gets the jump but the Mustang follows shortly after. For the first hundred yards, both are going straight and the Demon clearly takes the lead. Then, out of nowhere, the Mustang driver loses traction on his rear tires, the Mustang fishtails passenger side and he’s seemingly headed to the barrier opposite to him. Thankfully he slams on his brakes and the Mustang stops before seriously damaging his front end. Crisis averted.

Who knows why this Mustang fishtailed out of control as the video poster didn’t want to tag “his boy” and no one’s giving an official explanation in the comments. Some are saying that ABS kicked in thanks to not turning off traction control causing his rear wheels to lock up. Others are saying there was oil on the track.

One thing’s for certain, if this was an illegal drag race and there was a crowd watching, lined up on the street, surely they would’ve jumped out of the way once they saw that Mustang head towards them

*disclaimer: Mustangs AREN’T crowd killers, don’t turn veer out of control straight from the factory and are very safe cars when driven correctly.

Source: @Shaved_kitty


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