This Nissan 350Z shouldn’t have parked in front of his garage-burnout-attempting friend because now he has a dented bumper.

There’s a new trend sweeping car culture and it’s called the garage burnout where people attempt to do burnouts on their own property. The only problem, like this heavily modified Toyota GT-86 illustrated on a video the driver shared earlier today (Jan 2, 2019) is that you have to get it absolutely right because you’ll risk crashing into your own house, or worse, crashing into anything in front of you.

For the life of me, I don’t know why he actually shared and made this video public but let’s enjoy it while it’s still up. And just in case it does go down, I saw that someone already made a mirror.

Having enough power helps to do a good burnout and by the sound that this GT-86 is making I can only assume he has a couple of power-adders underneath the hood. The front wheel being the ones cambered suggests he slides this thing. Either way, with a pristine body and a newer model vehicle, the only drifting this car has problem seen is what they just shared.

In the video the GT-86 starts his burnout, wheels chocked with pieces of wood up front to help him out a bit. He does get a burnout started but immediately starts drifting driver’s side, which in a confined area, is not what you want to do. The GT-86 slams into his friend’s Z in front of him and only slightly damages the front frame of the garage. Here’s what his garage looked like after he did a bit of DIY to correct his hooning.


I’d really like to see the aftermath of the love tap he gave his friend, though and I’m sure, now, he’ll practice his burnouts in the middle of a deserted parking lot before attempting to “do it for the gram” indoors.

Source: Joe French Davis


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