A couple in a Tesla with Washington plates confusingly parks in the middle of downtown for no apparent reason.

Presumed Bend resident and Redditor /u/sw1chfoot shared frustrating dashcam footage from downtown Bend from earlier last week (June 26, 2024) showing a couple in a Tesla Model X stopping in the middle of the street and parking, halting busy Farmers Market traffic for at least two minutes.

Check out his dashcam footage below.

Idiot in bend parks car and goes into shop [oc]
byu/sw1tchf00t inIdiotsInCars

The incident happened in the 900 block of NW Wall St in Bend, OR (Exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

According to /u/sw1chfoot, before this, the woman was driving erratically.

“What I didn’t show (before this) was how she ran a red light, cut me off, and almost hit three pedestrians right before this.”

As his dashcam video shows, we see OP stopped on NW Wall St., a Tesla Model X blocking his way.

Traffic is particularly busy as it’s the weekly Farmers Market.

A passenger emerges from the passenger side and gets into the driver’s seat while the driver exits and heads towards the shops running along the street.

Then, for the next 90 seconds, the now driver tries in vain to get the Tesla Model X “started” to drive away and park.

During this, OP becomes increasingly aggravated, and rightfully so.

We see OP in his Jeep drive forward while honking, getting up on the Model X’s bumper to motivate the driver to start moving.

What the new driver doesn’t realize is his partner left with the Tesla Key Fob which allows the Model X to be shifted out of park.

The driver exits the Tesla Model X, essentially parking it, and heads towards his partner to obtain the Key Fob.

Tired of waiting, OP backs up and re-routes himself around the clueless and stranded Tesla driver who we see at the end returning from the shops, finally able to drive his electric SUV out of the way.

“Why am I not surprised that they’re from Washington,” /u/PickledToesies points out.

“Probably one of the only scenarios I’d actually be willing to get out of my car to ask what’s up, because this is just baffling,” /u/Vinyl_DJPon3 commented.

“Sorry, but this is where you lay on the horn until they move,” /u/SnooStrawberries1078 added.

“Old dude knew police wouldn’t get there in time so he didn’t give a f***,” /u/OldPuzzlehead replied.

In Oregon, double parking like this is subject to a base fine of up to 85 dollars.

It’s not entirely illegal to block a street like this to load and unload passengers, except Oregon states you have 30 seconds to do so, otherwise you’re obstructing traffic.

If you’re going to pull this type of Chinese fire drill type of move, make sure you can without any hiccups.

In this case, that means making sure you have the key fob before your partner in crime saunters off.


  1. I would have called the cops and given them the amount of time they were parked there and there license plate # and asked them to at least send them a letter. You could also go to the station and show them your recording.

  2. How do we know the alleged OP identified as such. He was actually acting like a YP, but certainly not like an MAP. Alleged OP may also identify as TP!????????‍♂️


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