Honda’s asking S2000 fans what parts they want remade. Use #S2000PartsCatalog on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram now to let them know!!!

The Honda S2000 might look fresh as a daisy today, but some older S2000’s are more than twenty years old with lots of mileage and owners want to keep them forever. Honda hears you and announced they’re going to survey current and prospective Honda S2000 owners, asking them, “What parts do you want us to make for you?”

Honda made the official announcement via their Japanese social media accounts but if you need OEM parts in the United States, you can probably order parts through an intermediary.

Here’s the official Honda site with their announcement linked here.

Honda does not have an official list of parts they’re going to make but that’s where you come in. According to Honda,

Your opinion about genuine parts of S2000 Attach hashtag “#S2000PartsCatalog” Please post on Facebook or Twitter . You can submit as many times as you want during the period.

It’s crucial that S2000 fans let Honda know. As of this writing I’ve only seen one Tweet with that hashtag. One! Let pump those numbers up, those are rookie numbers.

The campaign period runs from today to April 30, 2020. A month later Honda will evaluate all the responses and come up with a list of parts for us to order.

Naturally, high-wear items will be asked for. Off the top of my head,

  • OEM Wheels
  • Weather stripping
  • Fresh soft-tops with clear plastics and/or glass.
  • Convertible soft top operation mechanisms.
  • Strut and spring assemblies.
  • OEM Brake pads
  • Front bumpers
  • Fresh headlights and taillights
  • New seatbelts
  • Under the hood, fresh gasket sets.

..are just a couple of items we’ll probably get to see.

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Honda already has a reproduction parts program for the Honda Beat Kei Car after seeing the rise in popularity of these 660cc cars in recent times.

Honda’s really been doing the most, catering to enthusiasts and feature Honda owners with these types of programs. This week we got three new Type Rs, in Europe the Honda e electric car debuted, and Acura’s TLX is ready for a full-model change.

Honda’s been getting some flake in recent times for not being innovative and pushing boundaries but then they do something like this and remind us why we love them.


  1. A rebuild Honda device where we give our running engine and get a fresh new one but with jdm pistond high compression and rear quarters as they rust like mad

  2. That’s funny. I was actually looking for a new rear bumper. Mine has those annoying lic plate screw dets from a small rear end.

    Also, make more hard tops…


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