If you’re looking for a fun trick to play on your friends, this is good.

Imagine you’re rushing out to work in the morning, just barely enough time for your commute, you press the brakes to start your car and the horn sounds! No time to diagnose the issue, you’ve got to get to work. So, every time you press the brakes, you’re honking away. Annoying!

That’s what happened to Jeep Grand Cherokee owner Johnathan Burnette when he left his Jeep Grand Cherokee for a few hours. When he returned to his Jeep so he could drive home, he realized his mates wired his horn to his brakes. Jonathan immediatly flipped a U and that’s when his co-workers started filming.

Check out the hilarious video on Tik Tok below.


The guys I work with wired a horn to my brakes? #fory #foryou #parrishtowing #jeeplife

♬ original sound – burnette5053

Before we even see Jonathan’s Jeep, you can hear the monotone blast from his horn as he starts to slow for a left-hand turn into the tow yard. Jonathan’s yelling, “BS! This is BS! Fix it!” as he comes to a stop.

If you have a cursory knowledge of wiring, you’re well on your way into pulling this prank off yourself.

According to a thread on CamaroZ28.com, there are some basic instructions on how to pull this off,

Its pretty simple: There are 2 wires going to the brake light bulb, positive and negative. They are 2 wires going to the horn, positive and negative. Get a wire long enough and just go from positive to positive and negative to negative.

You’re going to want to choose a friend or co-worker that actually likes you since this would make someone hate you even more.

Have you done something like this before? Let me know in the comments.


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