This Ford Mustang pace car couldn’t have parked at a worse spot.

Racing on dirt tracks in one of hundreds of ovals in the United States means unpredictable moments like this happen every weekend, but this one takes the cake. Several witnesses on Mar. 7 at Citrus County Speedway in Iverness, FL captured the frightening moment a mini-stock car, trying to avoid a crash, launched itself off a dirt pole mound and smack dab on top of the track’s sponsored 2019 Ford Mustang pace car.

Check out a handful of video below including a couple of videos.

Mini stock is one of five classes of racing that went down that night. Mini stock is an affordable class of stock racing that limits racing to mostly American and Import cars not exceeding a 104 inch wheelbase. Because the wheelbase is so short, you’ll see a lot of cheap Front-wheel drive cars racing on any given weekend. Being so affordable means all levels of competitors and their cars show up who aren’t as afraid to scuff up their cars as some classes.

In the above video we can see a chain reaction of collisions on the main straightaway of the 3/8 mile oval that ultimately causes the lead car to steer straight for a dirt pole mound.

Since this is the opening lap, all the mini stock cars are bunched up. The orange car taps into the rear of the blue car which, in turn, taps into the rear of the red car. The red car then loses traction in the rear and under-steers into the path of the light pole mound. The little red car launches into the air, supposedly over 30 feet, lands on its fender edge, clips the pace car, and flips, tires up, onto a tire barrier.

You can see the Ford Mustang Pace Car driver see it all unfold before him because he engages his brakes to drive the car out of the way. But, with no sign where the red car is landing, the pace car driver sort of freezes up and doesn’t move.

Thankfully, doing nothing was the smart move because, according to Citrus County Speedway, everyone is OK, even the driver of the red car.

If you’re wondering, this is what the pace car looked like before.

You can see the brunt of the damage on the pace car is on the front end. If the frame doesn’t need tweaking, a pair of airbags, new doors, a windshield, fenders, and front bumpers should sort everything out. MSRP for a new Mustang starts out around $26,670 so something tells me this pace car’s headed for the auction as salvage.

And since pace cars are essential for track racing, a new one will have to be sourced for next weekend’s racing A.S.A.P.

I wonder if Crystal Ford Lincoln will be game, once again.


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