You know this Toyota dealership is hurting for customers when they resort to thrashing whole cars into dumpsters for some foot traffic.

In these unprecedented times for America, desperate times calls for desperate measures and this Toyota dealership marketing department is pulling out all the stops. Tampa Bay Car Meets Facebook Group Member Jay Varnadore drove by a Toyota dealership in Tampa, Florida and noticed whole Ford cars sticking out of a dumpster across from a Ford dealership.

Check out the unbelievable yet grainy photo from his android phone below.

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The Toyota dealership is Courtesy Toyota of Brandon, and the Ford dealership is Brandon Ford. If you haven’t heard of Brandon Ford, like 99 percent of us, you probably don’t live in Tampa. Brandon Ford has the distinction of winning “World’s Largest Volume Ford Dealer” for 2019 as recognized by Ford Motor Company. In 2017 and 2018 they were runner-up for that prestigious award.

They sell a lot of Fords. Brandon Ford doesn’t get into the numbers but consider that in 2014, Galpin Ford, the reigning Volume Ford Dealership, sold over 8,000 Fords in one year. By extension Brandon Ford probably sells around that much, too.

That’s on average about 667 Fords a month or 22 a day. Brandon Ford is open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. so more than once an hour, a new Ford rolls out of their lots.

Those kinds of numbers probably have the surrounding dealerships downright jealous.e. Ford sells the number one best-selling vehicle, the F-series and Toyota’s best-selling vehicle is a Rav 4 crossover.

In the photo we can see a mid-2000 Ford Fusion sedan sticking nose up and a 90’s era Honda Accord nose down. There’s also a local Honda dealership just around the corner so, of course, Toyota had to stick it to their main import rival a couple blocks over.

This is not the first time a dealership’s tried this tactic to get a couple of eyeballs on their lot. A few years back a Nissan dealership in San Diego stuck a handful of cars in a dumpster, nose down, in the middle of a busy intersection.

Cars in a dumpster. from r/mildlyinteresting

According to the marketing manager of that Nissan dealership,

“We were trying to think of a way to get some eyeballs on us and and attract attention,” he says. The dealership is on a strip surrounded by other car dealerships, and Mossy dominates the Nissan market in that area. They aren’t the first dealership to ever put together a display like this, but they did make it themselves. The cars, Hagstrom says, are real cars that were traded in but that didn’t pass safety inspections and wouldn’t sell for much at auction. The team removed the oil, water, and other fluids so they wouldn’t leak when the cars were turned sideways.

Presumably this is the same case for that Ford Fusion and Honda Accord. The Accord’s got a mis-matched roof so that’s a tell-tall sign it’s not worth much anyway.

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