With a starting bid of $35,000, it’s no wonder no one bid such a steep price for an authentic JDM car.

Fans of my pokey, little, blog might remember a piece three years ago when a pristine Veilside NSX popped up for sale in Los Angeles for $60,000. Admittedly, that was expensive, so color me surprised when this slightly rougher Veilside NSX popped up via Japan’s auction houses for close to half that.

Thanks to my account on GetCar.JP and a hat tip to Vistec Imports’s Facebook post, I caught wind of this minty 1990 Acura NSX with full Veilside aero including Veilside Andrew Baccarat staggered wheels.

Yah, that’s what they called those wheels and will get into that in a second, but first, take a gander at photos of this auction I posted to my personal Twitter earlier today.

As mentioned, the seller had a reserve price of 3,800,000 yen or $35,062 USD. In this cautious spending economy, that’s a lot to drop on a V6 Acura.

If you can get over the styling, a product of its time (mid-2000s) and its styling influences from Ferrari, what you’re looking at is a 1990 Acura NSX with 115,000 miles and a complete JDM aero kit from Veilside.

Veilside sells the complete kit, which swaps every panel off the original NSX, for a fiberglass piece, for just $16,000. You won’t find used Veilside aero kits, so don’t even think you can find one for cheaper.

Considering the current market for NSXs, it’s a buyer’s market at the moment, but prices for NSXs are still high. According to Bring A Trailer, a stock NA1 NSX with this kind of mileage usually sells for $30,000-$40,000.

Then, there are those staggered 19 and 20-inch Andrew Baccarat Wheels. Here’s an ad with proof of the wheel’s off-the-wall name.

The interior might not be everyone’s cup of tea but the red contrasts nicely with white.

Veilside anything is always a case of “beauty is in the beholder’s eye.” But in a sea of NSXs, its originality is undeniable, creativity is par excellence, and, when done right, has the potential to be Best Of Show.

Maybe this NSX owner needed cash now and was willing to part with his Veilside NSX, but not for pennies on the dollar.

It was an uncommon opportunity to own a real JDM show stopper that would’ve made any owner stand out and steal any show or meet they drove to.


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