Veilside has been kicking around since 1990 and has more than managed to stay relevant with the changing tastes of tuner crowds. Suffice to say, their aero kits are both intrinsically unique, OG, and legit to tuners in the know. So when this 1991 Acura NSX outfitted with Veilside’s one-of-a-kind widebody kit popped up on Craigslist, in all places, Missouri, I had to share this awesome tuner car with you. Check out a couple of photos of this rare breed below and take a gander at the original listing.

This particular NSX is an NA1 1991 automatic with 90,000 miles on the odometer, cutting it close to that magical 100,000-mile unwritten limit. Before you write-off this NSX for being an automatic, contrary to popular belief the automatic on the NSX is actually quite good.

Outside, most importantly, you’ll find a complete Veilside Widebody kit. That means a new front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper spoiler, rear wing, front and rear fenders, FRP hood, different mirrors, new door panels, bespoke trunk design and most importantly, new headlights. Ya, it totally transforms an NSX’s OEM look.  New kits will set you back 1,500,000 yen or about $13,000. Kits are few and far between, so good luck finding a cheaper used one. It’s all been sprayed a Jetstream Blue Metallic, and by the looks of photos, it’s really good spray job at that.

Around all four corners are Forged Specialties SC M14 3-piece wheels in a staggered setup wrapped in Toyo tires. Suspension duties are taken cared for by Tein’s Electronically Adjustable Coilovers. Stoptech BBK brakes take care of stopping duties.

Inside, the stock NSX steering wheel has been swapped for a period-correct Momo piece. There are various carbon fiber bits added were before there was just black plastic.

The overall presentation of the car is flawless. As far as what Veilside intended the final product to look like, it’s an “A” for execution. The front now looks that much more aggressive compared to stock. The same can be said for the side profile. Now the rear is another story. Compared to the stock NSX rear, this one is certainly different and unique, but it might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Asking price is $60,000, which is pretty steep all things considered. Although the seller doesn’t mention a negotiable price, I’m sure there’s a bit of wiggle room in there. NSX prices are through the roof nowadays and even automatics are fetching upwards of $60,000 if the mileage is right. Add on the Veilside widebody kit and the price seems fair enough.



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