It sounds like a story from another dimension but this Lamborghini found out the hard way that you should probably just let that Civic pass. According to The Drive on an interesting story they shared earlier this week (Nov. 5, 2017) this Lamborghini Murcielago thought it was a good idea to lose a Civic Hatchback on a lonely road somewhere in Canada. Unfortunately for the Lambo, he lost control and wrecked his beautiful Italian exotic. All of this buffoonery was caught on dash cam and promptly uploaded to the internet for everyone to dissect. Check out the video below.

The dashcam owner is putting along at a normal speed, appropriate for the left lane. All of a sudden, a flash of green passes him on the right, the Lamborghini Murcielago. Eyeballing the speed, the LP 640 has to be touching at least 100 MPH. In his wake is a newer model Honda Civic Hatchback trying to keep up for who knows what reason.

We lose sight of both of these speeders until later on down the road when traffic slows to a crawl. Bits and pieces of green bodywork can be seen on the side of the freeway, and then there it is, the Lamborghini wrecked with its bumper torn completely off. Presumably, this Lambo clipped a dump truck as it was probably trying to change lanes at an ungodly speed, not safe for freeways. No sign of the Honda Civic hatchback.

According to Toronto police, there were no injuries, only bruised egos.

Empty freeways can be an invitation to speed, especially when you’ve got at least 630 HP and 490 lb-ft at your command with the press of your right foot. But throw in even the slightest bit of traffic, and you’ll have to dodge and dive between vehicles that want no part in your high-speed shenanigans. If you’re in a Lambo, you’ve got to choose your battles. It’s not worth it to prove a point to some Civic, or any car for that matter. On the track is a different question.

For the record, even the fastest Civic Hatchback that’s not a Type R only puts out 180 HP and 177 lb-ft.


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