With temps creeping above 10 C, giving Canadians glimpses of spring, this water skier couldn’t wait to get wet while honoring social distancing.

How do you water ski when practically all recreational bodies of water in the Yukon are closed? According to Twitter user Stewart Muir and a video he shared earlier yesterday (Apr. 17, 2020) you get a little creative. A video shot by Whitehorse resident Joanne Moore shows this water skier getting a tow from a pickup track while he’s dragged along in a drainage ditch full of water.

Check out the unbelievable, minute-long video below.

To accommodate large amounts of water presumably from melting mountain snow, this drainage ditch is as wide as a small river, at least 10 feet across. Filled several feet deep, it’s honestly the perfect spot for a bit of water skiing or wake boarding.

We see a water skier, the water level neck deep A.K.A. a deep water start. With close to 200 meters of drainage ditch before a dirt crossing, there’s plenty of length for this skier to get up to speed and enjoy a brief stint above water.

This isn’t this skier’s first rodeo because he’s criss-crossing across the water, enjoying every second. And just before he reaches the end, he lets go of the tow rope, stopping within inches of the dirt embankment.

I’d like to imagine they trade places, him driving and the other guy in the truck skiing.

Several commenters on Twitter were tickled pink with this guy’s antics.

While you probably shouldn’t try this at home, if you feel up to the task, are an experienced skier, and have all the right equipment, why not have some fun?

With so much closed we have to come up with innovative ways to stay sane. This water skier challenges us to think outside of the box.


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