Imagine showboating in front of your friends, only to get pulled over by a Honda Accord your Mom probably drives to daily mass.

If you feel like speeding in the State of Conneticut, don’t be surprised if you see the blues and tunes in your rear view coming from this boring Honda sedan. According to CT resident Benjamin Rogers in a Facebook post he shared earlier in March, he shared two photos of a white 2008 Honda Accord sedan presumably after that police officer took care of business with a scofflaw.

Check out his post below.

Usually, Conneticut police drive around in older model Ford Crown Victorias or already upgraded to standard issue Ford Interceptor SUVs based on the Ford Explorer. But, Conneticut State police and local authorities do have a couple of aces in their sleeves in the form of these unassuming, unmarked police cars.

This one is a bog-standard Honda Accord sedan, probably owned by one of the police officers, tinted to hide the police officers laptop, guns, and other items that might give them away.

These Accords are no slouches. If this has the J35Z3 V6 under the hood, this Accord packs 271 HP and 248 lb-ft with all that power routed through a five-speed automatic.

While the V6 Accord Coupe can scoot to 60 MPH in 5.6 seconds, the automatic and extra weight scrubs a lot of speed with these sedans only managing a 6.5 second split. While that’s slower than the Interceptor SUVs, that’s a lot faster than the ol’ Crown Victorias.

Before you complain and shout, “that’s illegal!” I hate to break it to you but it’s totally not.

According to CT Police,

The Connecticut State Police Deploy unmarked cruisers in the enforcement or motor vehicle / criminal law violations. All unmarked cruisers are equipped with strobe / flashing emergency lights and sirens. In addition to the Ford Crown Victoria, we use other specialty vehicles.

Police officers are required to identify themselves and show you their badge when they approach your window.

Knowing that CT police use unmarked cars, some miscreants might take advantage of that and equip their cars with lights and sirens, even if they’re not in law enforcement.

If you feel like the car pulling you over is not a police officer, before you roll down the window, call 911 and confirm with the local operator if the car behind you is a really a cop car.

But, this Honda Accord sedan with reds, blues, and tunes somewhere in CT? Perfectly legal, so watch your 6, and drive within the law.



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