Shut off this man’s power and take away his Harbor Freight welder

Have you ever looked at your sedan and wanted to get in the front door by opening just the rear doors? According to Harold Bloomer, a member of Facebook’s Michigan Volkswagen Enthusiasts, he’s created just that, sawzall-ing off his B-Pillar and welding the left side of the front doors to the front of the rear doors.

Confused? Take a look at the pictures of his creation (or monstrosity) below.

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Why? No. from r/Shitty_Car_Mods

The car Harold’s using is a fourth-gen Volkswagen Jetta sedan that looks like it’s in fairly good condition. From what I can see, there are no major dents, crash damage, or anything wrong, and worse yet, Harold doesn’t even give an explanation why he did this.

Without a B-Pillar, arguably, it’s easier to load things into and out of this modified Jetta. If he wanted to use the rear passenger area for hauling large objects in and around town, this would make for an interesting parts car.

Surprisingly, the rear door hinges line up and the entire door closes, apparently no modifications needed.

My guess is Harold was just bored, this quarantine and thinking on an empty stomach with an angle grinder within arm’s length getting the best of him.

The B-Pillar is one of the most important structural components in a car. In conjunction with the rest of a unibody construction, the B-pillar is usually made of steel, welded to the roof and floor pan, and provides structural support to the roof. Without it, in the event of a crash, that side of this Jetta would collapse on itself, injuring the passengers inside.

I give at a B- for effort but an A+ for the sketchiest mod of the year.

If Harold offers you a ride in his modified Jetta, do yourself a favor, say no, and get an Uber.


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