This sort of American ingenuity got us to the moon.

Clarksville Speedway, deemed non-essential by a stay at home order, had to shut down operations. Racing cars isn’t essential, I guess. But owner William Scoogin came up with a brilliant plan to bring back a quasi “Test ‘n Tune” night by collaborating with their own concession stand. The concept is simple, you order your food near the staging lights and pick up your food at the end of the 1/8th mile.

Check out their brilliant announcement below.

Just like hundreds of dirt tracks, drag strips, and 1/3 mile oval tracks, their facilities serve up tasty food for fans. Dining facilities range from small concession stands to full on restaurants.

Here’s Clarksville Speedway’s Midnight Madness Curb Side Pick Up Menu.

This is a small way for this racing facility to re-open and get racing fans back on the drag strip.

To clarify, this is not an opportunity to go full out. According to William Scogin in the comments, “(This) will just be a drive thru.” That means the staging equipment probably won’t be up and running, you won’t see your quarter mile time at the end of the drag strip, and you won’t get a time slip before you return to the pits.

Of course, this is a drag strip on private property and, if you went from a 5 MPH roll and hit full gas down the length of the drag strip, I’d be so inclined to think that’s A-OK for Mr. Scoogin.

A fast pass, sure, but bringing your Pro-mod on a trailer, setting up a pop-up tent for your race crew, and warming up your tires with a full-blown burnout, that level of racing probably won’t be tolerated.

This is not the only drag strip in the nation repurposing their sticky tarmac. Earlier this month Pomona Speedway used their quarter mile as a drive through Food Pantry, distributing food from local food banks to needy residents.

Thankfully, Clarksville Speedway only has to resort to this drive-thru drag strip once because, according to The Tennessean, the Governor is reopening the state starting next week, restaurants on Monday and retail businesses on Wednesday.

Clarksville Speedway already has their first legit Test and Tune on the 29th with a Dirt Track race scheduled for next week.

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